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  1. Could be possible this Sunday if my shock for my dirty bike isn't finished. Plus I haven't seen some of you since last yr..
  2. Hi JJ!! Looking forward to the days ahead for sure.
  3. Time again to think safety third and make bad decisions.....sometimes missed you guys.
  4. Time to burn up tires again buddy. 🙃
  5. It's a 22, V4. Alot of fun to ride. You said BMW which model?
  6. Yep it's a crappy day for sure looks like they closed part of 270 as well. I ride a Ducati Streetfighter
  7. Wanted to say HI on the beautiful day of looking out the window. Wanted to joy the group again after years of not doing anything but working and life change. There are a handful of you I have known for years and look to riding again.
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