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  1. Its that Time of Year again when i ask for Help with Donations and or People to sign up and Walk with us on Behalf of my 10 year old Daughter Kaci . She was Diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes at the age of Three and has to have on Average 1600-1800 shots per Year. Alot of you guys know me , but most dont know im also a Type 2 Diabetic since the age of 29, so ive been struggling with Diabetes for about 13 years now. Even i can not imagine How Scary it is for Kaci or any Child to have to Deal with Diabetes.. Kaci and I want to say Thank you to anyone that Donates or Volunteers to walk with us at Team "We Love Kaci" Kaci wants to Raise money to find a Cure for Diabetes and "Stop the Shots".. Thanks , TIM Walk is on October 22, 2011 Here is the Link to our Team walk page .. http://main.diabetes.org/goto/welovekaci Team Page Donation Link My link
  2. Well... 1. Scooter started life as a Fake Ruckus clone, and i got the idea Since its a Fake or Sham Ruckus that "ShamRuk" was a fitting name.. and ShamRuk sounds like Shamrock which is Green...LOL So i came up with the Name and thje Idea of kind od an Evil "Lucky Shamrock... 2. Candy Green is one of my Favorite colors.. 3.NO.. Battery Box,Front Fender & Airbrush work done by Koby at KCLCREATIONS.COM
  3. Modded the CVT cover and Put the Front & rear fenders on..
  4. ShamRuk's Maiden Voyage... Short Video Clip..
  5. Here's the new Toy im almost done building.. Here's a pic the day i got it home.. Called Project "ShamRuk".. Short video of new Green Leds..
  6. $4800 with White wheels only.. $5000 with both sets of wheels.. Prices are FIRM..
  7. If the chrome is in Good condition i can Coat over it with a candy Black Transparent or a Color called Solar rain which is real close to Black chrome.. Any other color i can just Blast them and Coat over the Chrome .. Thanks , TIM
  8. I feel your Pain...LOL I was banned for 30 days awhile back for the same Lame Azz thing...
  9. New Price... $5000 Firm Cash and i will throw in both sets of wheels .. Its also listed on ebay Till Monday ...
  10. These are the Extra set i made up for my Bike.. Custom one off Gold Color.. Complete Front and Rear with Brand New Tires.. Both wheels and Tires Have Zero miles on them .. $500 Firm
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