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  1. I have to see how today goes but currently I plan to stop by.
  2. Won't make the MotoGP races but I'll be at the XDL event Thursday-Saturday. If you want another option for the evenings come check out the action over at the Indiana War Memorial.
  3. Final week for those Free online tickets.
  4. I'll be in St. Louis for a couple days prior to and after Nashville. I'd love to see some friends while in town and in Nashville. If you are interested in XDL Free Tickets are available online. Go to http://www.xdlshow.com/ for tickets and info.
  5. I have plenty of scrap. You're welcome to come pick it up anytime.
  6. Hey GW not around, in AZ now, but do lurk now and again. Cheers!
  7. Rick, great to hear you are getting the RC going again. Good Luck!
  8. Bob, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how devastating the loss of Scott was. Now to have lost both. There are no words I can say that will bring comfort but if you need anything do not hesitate to contact me. I've never put 2 and 2 together but I knew both of your sons from many years back. You and your family are in my prayers.
  9. Yeah I do and have been a few times but just not the same to me. Different staff and just not as fun to me. After being a regular at the N. Lindbergh location, even though all your points are accurate, I just gotta go to the old stomping grounds.
  10. You better believe I thought about it. We need to grab at least one drink (yeah right) while I'm there.
  11. It's all good, seriously! I appreciate any heads up. Hard to know what's going on from 1500 miles away. Yeah that Culpeppers did close. Glad Casa is there, gotta get my Chicken Drummies.
  12. Casa remains Open so game on!
  13. Sounds Great! Thanks for the heads up. 08gixHer is going to double check and either her or I will post up.
  14. Almost road trip time, leaving AZ June 3rd for CO and then onto St. Louis on the 8th and heading back to AZ the 14th. If anyone wants to join in CO for an amazing track day on June 6th meet me there. No riding for me but hey gotta go hang out with some of the WSBK guys. Jakub Smrz was the only one that hit the track day last year but this year they are expecting more Ducati riders so we will see. Either way it is unreal how fast those guys are compared to even the fastest local guys. Anyway back to St. Louis plans and hitting my normal places: 8th - Mattingly's on North Lindbergh 9th - Nippon Tai on Manchester 10th - Casa on St. Charles Rock Road for Happy Hour and then probably Mattingly's 11th - Picasso's and ?????? on Main St in St. Charles 12th - Helen Fitzgeralds (early evening) and then likely Bobby's in Valley Park. 13th - Maybe floating with 02 Magna Come hang out if you are free any of those evenings. If you want more info, ask.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate for birthday wishes. Cheers to all!
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