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  1. One place we are looking at is 15 acres and the other is 23, but it's in Illinois so it's flat farm land. Great for horse pasture, but not great for trails. I'm sure there are places to ride, I'll just have to find them. Everyone out here has an ATV, so there has to be places to ride them. Let me know if you'd like me to store it for you! :biggrin: I'd even ride it for you to keep it from getting rusty!
  2. Thanks for the info so far guys. I'm probably going to start off with a big 4X4 Utility. After that, we'll see what best fits into our plan. We want 2 for when people come to visit we have plenty of toys to play with. Keep the facts and opinions coming. I am completely in the dark on ATV's.
  3. As some of you know, I haven't been around on many rides or even on the forum very much. We're moving - or at least buying a horse farm and keeping our house in Kirkwood until my son graduates high school in the spring. We've found a farm we like and will probably be making an offer on it pretty soon. Now to my question: we're going to buy a couple of 4-wheelers for working on the farm and for some fun. I'm a Honda guy for my motorcycles... should I stick with what's worked for me and buy a Honda or is there some other brand that's better, cheaper, stronger? You 4-wheeler guys help me out.
  4. I know exactly where that is. I see your dog all the time when I walk and am always thankful he doesn't decide I look fat and tasty. I live on Nirk Ave, right off of Geyer.
  5. I'm just south of Kirkwood park by about 3 blocks or so.
  6. Wow.... mine doesn't look that bad and today doesn't feel too bad unless I do something stupid without thinking about it. Went for a short little ride today and no problems. If it had been my shift foot, I wouldn't be able to ride.
  7. I needed to do some maintenance on the Wing. Since the GW is my daily driver and my son was out of town at a baseball tournament, figured that would be a good time to tear it down and do a bunch of stuff while I used his car. Anyways... Wed. night figured I'd start and take a leisurely pace and work on it some each night so I didn't eat up my whole weekend. Just want to get started and remove the plastics, top shelter, and get everything off and out of the way. Everything was perfect for it -- the wife was gone, the kid was gone, the ball game was on the radio and I was having a good leisurely time. Leisurely as in t-shirt, shorts, no shoes. But hey, I'm not doing anything drastic, just taking off plastics. But the friggin meter panel won't come off because I can't get a small wire harness to release. Never fear, I'll get my trusty large metal Mag light and figure out the problem. 5 mins later, I'm still struggling with this stupid thing. Finally, prop the flashlight up and get both hands in there and I'm still not making progress. I see the flashlight starting to move and I know it's gonna fall. I figure it should be able to take it. It's rugged, heavy, metal. A fall from 4 feet shouldn't break it. Plus my hands are in there pretty good and I'm not going to be able to catch it in time anyway. What the hell, just let it fall. What's the worst that could happen? You had to ask that question didn't you? Seconds later I'm screaming and jumping around like a mad man. Several of my neighbors are out working in their yards and look at me like I'm crazy. I'm already the "bad boy" on the street because I ride motorcycles. Back to the pain... it hurts like a mother! I figure OK, calm down, it's only gonna hurt for a minute or two. I look down and somehow this rugged, heavy, metal flashlight fell from about 4 feet and managed to pinpoint my second toe on my right foot. Didn't touch the big toe or the third toe. Caught me right where the toenail meets the toe. That thing must have laser guided technology built into it - a feature I was unaware of before now. I go inside and get it bandaged up and try to stop the bleeding. When the wife comes home, she just looks at it and says you're gonna lose that nail. duh! No shit! Gimme something to stop this throbbing! Go to the Dr on Thursday and they do an x-ray. I don't know why, because what are you gonna do for a toe? All I want is some pain meds because my whole foot is swollen now and I can't even begin to put on a shoe. The x-rays reveal a fracture and I get my meds. Today almost all of the swelling is gone and it feels almost normal until something puts pressure on it. It's Saturday, now guess what.... I get to eat up most of my weekend finishing off maintenance on the wing because my son is back and needs his car and that damn van costs me $30 in gas each day if I drive it. So much for taking your time, leisurely doing things at a nice pace and all. I'm heading out to the garage now. Anybody seen my shoes?
  8. I'm afraid mine has much more "character". :tongue:
  9. Bill, how was the wife's reaction? Not too bad, I hope.
  10. I had a good time riding and meeting new people too. Looking forward to next weekend.
  11. Tim, I may be wrong, but I think you need to explore some more - there are some good roads if you look for them. I got the impression last time I rode with you that you pretty much always go in the same area. The further south you go in Missouri, the better it gets. Look at a map or get some software and just look around at some the the roads. Find roads that follow rivers - those generally turn out to be pretty good. You can find twisties a lot closer than DG. The Bixby run, Eminence, even down around Perryville and Cape area there are some fun roads. Like was mentioned above, alot of the fun is seeing friends and meeting new people.
  12. Anybody got a pic or something of what these look like? I don't remember seeing anyone wearing one.
  13. Awesome is the only way to describe it. My first track day and I hope it's the first of many. I also hope I didn't get in too many people's way when I was out there. Johonna and I enjoyed seeing everyone and meeting new people. It was a blast. Thanks to everyone for making this such a fun trip.
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