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  1. Hmmm. Maybe I'll think about it. ?
  2. I should probably login more than once a year, eh? Lol Thanks gentlemen! ?
  3. Crazy that this thread is still going strong!
  4. I had a great time! Thanks Chris!
  5. Anyone going after 6pm? I'm at work today and would REALLY like to get over there to see him since I haven't at all yet.
  6. Erin recently started a new job, so I don't know that she'll be as easily accessible via social media/interwebz. I do not know about an MC/DJ. Other locations do have microphones for use, but I don't know that she was able to discuss that for this new location. I don't even get off of work until 6pm, so I won't be there til at least 6:30. I need someone to stand-in and help Erin organizing things and setting up and feeding her drinks until I can get there Any takers?
  7. I'll get a hold of Anthony this evening and check with him. You get your choice of Michelin or Bridgestone tires. I'll lean toward Michelin
  8. If I go to the meeting, I'll pick yours up!
  9. ejuliano@charter.net She's depositing directly to Michelle's acct. Thus far there has been a HUGE response to this and Erin is doing the best she can to keep up. PS - Thanks so much to those who have been able to donate so far!
  10. Smallest knee injury I've ever seen!
  11. Per Galen's request: I am home safe and sound. Thanks to Todd for the escort! Great seeing everyone tonight!
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