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  1. made it home safe and am currently attepting to type with numb fingers...oh well, it was totally worth it thanks for letting a newbie tag along
  2. semi

    hello eveyone

    thanks for the welcome everyone...i'll be at Fast Eddie's Sat. AM ready to go and wishing it was warmer :biggrin:
  3. i hope to be able to make this...looking forward to meeting everyone
  4. hi all...i finally got around to registering and wanted to say hello...i rode (a minibike) for the first time when i was about 5 or 6 and have never lost the love for it...i went through the whole spectrum of dirt bikes, cruisers, choppers, etc. and currently ride an '05 Hayabusa...i am looking forward to meeting and riding with all of you and hope i can start this weekend on the Polar Bear ride if you all don't mind a newbie tagging along