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  1. Waterproofing your gear....

    I I've used Scotchgard on my canvas camera bags, various pieces of moto- soft luggage, backpacks, and the Totes bag I keep my GPS in. The Scotchgard does exactly what it advertises. Water just rolls off the stuff.
  2. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks Chris!
  3. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks Jason!!
  4. Happy Birthdays!!

    Hello all! I just wanted to give Happy Birthday salutations to both Michael Brainerd(Redrider67) and Paul Wilson(Viffer). Ive ridden with both many, MANY times in the early days of Stlar('03+). Good people! Paul had a super clean VFR800, Mike had an '08 CBR1000rr that must have had an "ON/OFF switch" instead of a throttle grip, lol.
  5. Turtles on the road

    Galen...I believe in your case that would be a "Failure To Yield" violation. But duly noted nonetheless.🌈😜
  6. Turtles on the road

    The 2nd turtle must have suffered a mechanical breakdown, what with the 1st turtle towing it across the roadway like that...
  7. Happy Birthday Terry

    Aaron...I did just that!!(then I woke up)
  8. Happy Birthday Speed

    Happy Birthday, Khaled!
  9. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks Dave, Jeremiah!
  10. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks Joe!
  11. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks Barry, Steve!
  12. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks Todd!
  13. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks guys!!!
  14. Happy Birthday Terry

    Bud and Mike-- thank you for the Bday wishes!
  15. Happy Birthday Terry

    Thanks, Scott