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  1. ZRX4ME

    Stlar Meeting!

    Thank you all for your replies!
  2. Hello all! The 1st Stlar Meeting of 2019 will be March 5th at the Culpepper's St. Charles location. 6:30 to ? Stlar dues will be collected up until April 1st. The dues will be reduced from $25 to $20 for '19. Stlar will provide several appetizer platters for members attending this event. I hope to see you there!!
  3. ZRX4ME

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    Right back atcha, Gene!
  4. ZRX4ME

    Stlar Meeting!

  5. ZRX4ME

    Stlar Meeting!

    Many thanks to all who attended this evening's Stlar meeting, in addition to all the Stlar members. This was the last Stlar meeting for 2018 The Culpepper's location has been secured for 2019, and our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th. On a personal note, I especially enjoyed the Stlar rides I've attended. I'm riding more now than ever, going to places I havent been to before, and getting the use out of my motorcycle I previously didnt make time for. The Stlar rides have contributed to all of that. Terry Berg
  6. Hello all! The next Stlar meeting is Tuesday, Nov.6 @ 6:30, Culpepper's St. Charles. I hope to see you there!
  7. ZRX4ME

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Outstanding day!!! Good roads, route, food, weather...and great people to ride with! Thanks Ed!--I now have a new BBQ place when I'm out in that area.
  8. ZRX4ME

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    Actually, I'd like something a little more centrally located, a little further southeast of St. Charles. Scout-a-mania commences tomorrow.
  9. ZRX4ME

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    "It's supposed to make it look industrial-like." Mission Accomplished Lot of words to describe that wall, "Motif" isnt one of them that comes to mind. Is that unfinished fireplace part of that "Motif"? I'm still looking.
  10. ZRX4ME


    Yep, that was an old lamp had nothing to do with Mazda's parent company, Toyo Kogyo. One of Mazda's(the car) models was called Luce'(pronounced "Luchei") was named for the Japanese Goddess of Light, but that is the only thing in common to both Mazda and Westinghouse. Ive seen a few Mazda lamps and advertisements in antique shops.
  11. ZRX4ME

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    In with new tires and a smile on my face.
  12. ZRX4ME

    Fall ride dates

    I DID vote, but presently I can ride the 13th, 14th, 27th, or 28th, so it matters not a whit to me...as long as I'm riding.
  13. ZRX4ME

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    Aaron, the main criteria for a meeting place is: 1) A private room 2) Easy access 3) Fairly central location for most 4) Safe/secure parking 5) Good food at a fair price and decent service Through the years we've had all 5 items in the 3 Culpepper's locations Stlar has frequented. As I said, I had no problem with St. Charles Culpepper's location at all. Infact, they did a wonderful rehearsal dinner for my son Eric's wedding after the Culpepper's Creve Coeur location closed...and gave Lisa and I one week to find another location. But when I bring up an obvious issue, and the manager tells me there isnt anything they can do, there is a problem, and not with Stlar. When I mention there is talk of finding another meeting place and am told.."You have to do what you have to do", the problem is magnified. I'm not looking for a Ruth Kreis Steakhouse, just a decent restaurant with management that actually cares and listens to its patrons. Also, through the years Ive noticed a general deterioration in our meeting room. The north wall is now all rusting metal, the fireplace has airgaps, isnt insulated and allows cold air in when the temps drop, and now this water leak. I'll be visiting Culpeppers St Charles to see if the room is better. I wont give up one place before I secure another.
  14. ZRX4ME

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    Screw ‘em. It’s a restaurant ferchrissakes. It’s their business. I can see how these things happen, the manager’s replies run counter to good business sense.
  15. Hello all, and many thanks to those who attended last evening's Stlar Meeting. Chris(Hanson) came late after everyone left, and we had a discussion about the conversations and topics of the meeting. One of which was the ceiling leak and bucket in the room, which put a definite damper on the atmosphere. I called the manager over and diplomatically informed him that we were less than thrilled with the leak and bucket. I explained that we like the place, the food, prices, service, location, all of it except the condition of the room. He told us that it was condensation from the air conditioning system, and that there was really nothing that they could do about it. I told him that I found that response unsatisfactory, that restaurants and buildings all over the area have roof-mounted a/c systems, and provisions could be made for an external drain. He said he didnt know what else he could do except to talk to the owner. I told him that amid the talk in the room about the situation, I know what we could do--look for another venue to hold our meetings. His take on that was "You have to do what you have to do." Again, to me, not a satisfactory response. We'll hold our next meeting there, and hopefully the situation will have been rectified. I'll be checking there several times in the next 3 weeks Meanwhile, I'll be looking for another restaurant that can accommodate us just in case. Please feel free to post some alternative places for us, and I'll check them out. I have plenty of time to do that. Terry