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  1. ZRX4ME


    Mike, MR Cycle shows your air filter at $35.06. You doing the work yourself costs you time only. You know you'll get the time and effort changing that filter down to a half hour or less. And it isnt like youre riding a Honda '73 CB175. Sounds like you got it made!
  2. ZRX4ME


    Yep, that'd be her, I couldnt remember her name except it started with a "B", or that she had an FZ-1 instead of a Bandit1200.
  3. ZRX4ME


    Maybe, but have any of those people told you how many miles they put on them? Ive been on HSTA and MSTA rides where, at the after-ride banquet the subject of miles would come up. 200-350K miles was not an uncommon figure. One gal on a Suzuki Bandit1200 had 240K on hers, original engine and all. Looking at the bikes on the hotel's parking lot, what I would consider unreal odometer readings was the norm. And GoldWings usually had the highest reading, followed by ST1300s, and various BMWs. You wanna play, be prepared to pay. And the GoldWing riders that were on their 3rd(or more) 'Wing told me that to them, nothing else measures up.
  4. ZRX4ME


    That scooped-out section of the airfilter says "Rodent Damage" to me. Ive seen that countless times when at work. Most prevalent in garages where the owners kept their bird or dogfood. Replace it and be done. Squirrels are the worst, they'll wreck your world. They chew through wiring, filters, fuel lines, etc.
  5. ZRX4ME

    2018 Challenge

    Several years ago our across-the-street neighbor moved away. She was good friends with my wife. She was getting rid of all the things she didnt want to take with her down to Florida. Before she retired she was a nurse/Dr assistant. One item she had, and gave me, was her doctor's scale. An older mechanical sliding-weight step-on scale. Pristine condition, exact same measurement as compared with my doctor's electronic scale. I keep it in my man-cave. Sounds dumb, I know, but this scale makes me check myself every day, keeps me on track, pisses me off when it reads higher, encourages me on when it reads lower. It stands directly across from my exercycle( some pro-model 40-lb counterweighted fully adjustable torture device) my son Ryan gave me. Walk into said man-cave, stand on the scale, set the computer to Pink Floyd or Rush, and 20 minutes on the bike and Im a new man. But I have to say...the real drive for this lifestyle change is this thread. To see all of you have success in this drives me on. Thank you all. I should have done this years ago.
  6. ZRX4ME

    2018 Challenge

    I have dropped 10 lbs, would like to lose15-20 more. I am eating fruit like there's no tomorrow. Cherries, peaches, apples, nectarines. No white bread. No junk food. Pizza on wheat crust only. exercising like a madman. Lots of water every hour. Havent had one drop of soda diet or otherwise for 5+ months. Shoulder pain gone, blood sugars excellent, A1C numbers right on target. And I dont miss all the unhealthy stuff I was eating/drinking before. Besides a hopeful longer healthier life, I am looking forward to... A quicker, better handling bike. Getting reacquainted with all the moto-clothes I put away didnt fit me a year ago.
  7. ZRX4ME

    BSC bike night

    I considered going, but the last 2 times I went I thought I was at Sturgis on the Missouri, a Harley freak show of epic proportions. Not exactly my cup o'tea...
  8. ZRX4ME

    Stlar Meeting!

    Chris and I want to thank everybody that came out to the July Stlar Meeting. Much appreciated!!
  9. ZRX4ME

    Stlar Meeting!

    Doesnt matter if it's 3 or 30. I always enjoy the night out with other Stlarians.
  10. Hello all! Our next meeting is July 3rd, Culpepper's St. Charles, 6:30 to ? I'll be having a small tech demonstration that may be helpful for the maintenance/repair-minded among us. Hope to see you there!!
  11. ZRX4ME

    Few questions from a newbie here...

    Not the same group as the old defunct Ryderz. We were 1st, and still runnin'
  12. ZRX4ME

    STLAR Meeting - 6/5

    Paul, tell you what. YOU drag YOUR knee, and I'll watch. I have a feeling that if I ever drag my knee while riding a motorcycle, I'll be dragging my knee while walking for the rest of my life.
  13. You say youre a good Baiter? Dont sell yourself short. Paul, I'd say youre a Master-Baiter" But I won't say youre a Master-baiter. Oh no, not me. lol
  14. ZRX4ME

    STLAR Meeting - 6/5

    Ya know...there's something inherently wrong with that statement and mental image. I just can't get a grip on it...
  15. ZRX4ME

    STLAR Meeting - 6/5

    Sorry Jason, ya beat me to it! The only thing I have to show is my new Nolan N100-5 Modular Helmet, which replaces my N104 from '13. Many improvements, but not a full-face lid. I'll just be glad to get out and see you all!