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  1. Thank you Nathan, Brandi, and Gene! I periodically go out to the garage, pat the ZRX and Vstrom on their seats, start them up, and grin like an idiot. 3 years later I'm STILL nursing the Father-to Be's '99 SV650. If Eric didnt have time to ride before, I KNOW he wont be riding for a while after the addition to the family has his "Coming Out Party". But I will!!
  2. Dont think foir a second Ive given up riding. Between some health issues, home maintenance and repair, and the impending birth of our 1st grandchild, motorcycling has taken a back seat to other necessary activities. As Arnold once said..."I'LL BE BACK!!!"
  3. Wewll Dave, I really didnt spray it on the chain. I merely soaked a shop towel in it and ran the chain through the towel several times. Since this was my 1st time with the Chain Saver I spent an inordinate amount of time running towels through the links, both sides, you name it so I could fairly judge how the Saver was doing without all the accumulated crap that was on it. So far, so good. We shall see!
  4. Thanks for posting this, Ed. Ive used PJ1, early on, then BelRay SuperClean for years. These days Ive been using DuPont Chain Saver w/Teflon. Along with Dupont Chain Cleaner. Both about $7 /11oz. can at Walmart.. Not enough miles on the Dupont lube to make a judgement, but for sure is less messy than the SuperClean. The Chain Cleaner is excellent, works well. The Dupont stuff was recommended in a poll on the Vstrom website, Stromtroopers.com, and it is the most widely used chain lube in the poll. I thought I'd give it a try.
  5. Thank you all for your replies!
  6. Hello all! The 1st Stlar Meeting of 2019 will be March 5th at the Culpepper's St. Charles location. 6:30 to ? Stlar dues will be collected up until April 1st. The dues will be reduced from $25 to $20 for '19. Stlar will provide several appetizer platters for members attending this event. I hope to see you there!!
  7. https://tradeshowz.com/chicago-motorcycle-show
  8. Many thanks to all who attended this evening's Stlar meeting, in addition to all the Stlar members. This was the last Stlar meeting for 2018 The Culpepper's location has been secured for 2019, and our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5th. On a personal note, I especially enjoyed the Stlar rides I've attended. I'm riding more now than ever, going to places I havent been to before, and getting the use out of my motorcycle I previously didnt make time for. The Stlar rides have contributed to all of that. Terry Berg
  9. Hello all! The next Stlar meeting is Tuesday, Nov.6 @ 6:30, Culpepper's St. Charles. I hope to see you there!
  10. Outstanding day!!! Good roads, route, food, weather...and great people to ride with! Thanks Ed!--I now have a new BBQ place when I'm out in that area.
  11. Actually, I'd like something a little more centrally located, a little further southeast of St. Charles. Scout-a-mania commences tomorrow.
  12. "It's supposed to make it look industrial-like." Mission Accomplished Lot of words to describe that wall, "Motif" isnt one of them that comes to mind. Is that unfinished fireplace part of that "Motif"? I'm still looking.
  13. Yep, that was an old lamp had nothing to do with Mazda's parent company, Toyo Kogyo. One of Mazda's(the car) models was called Luce'(pronounced "Luchei") was named for the Japanese Goddess of Light, but that is the only thing in common to both Mazda and Westinghouse. Ive seen a few Mazda lamps and advertisements in antique shops.
  14. In with new tires and a smile on my face.
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