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  1. I must be truly blessed, as I have the very bikes I always wanted.
  2. I rode RC Rick's 51. I thought it was ultra-vibey, rough as a cob, and uncomfortable to ride. Rick told me the bike all makes sense and comes together at 120 mph+.
  3. Mike, I use several of their connectors for my GPS, socket to SAE plug for a mini compressor, etc. Great stuff: http://www.powerlet.com/
  4. At least he was dressed for the occasion.....
  5. http://www.killsometime.com/videos/21681/Low-Budget-Hair-Salon-Using-a-Motorcycle
  6. Thanks to all that attended!!
  7. 6:15 for me & #1Son
  8. A friend and I rode there today to check out the dealership. Met Albert(Rohms15) there. Big store, lots of inventory, everybody was cheerful and helpful. I didn't demo-ride anything there, but...my "demo-ride" today consisted of riding the ZRX 100 miles after not having ridden it 4 months. Definitely not as comfortable as I remembered it...Nothing like getting a new bike to change your perspective of a previous bike.
  9. Hello! I have a Corbin Gunfighter on my ZRX. The stock seat foam would pack down after 150 miles, a literal pain in the a$$. 1 week after I got the Corbin I rode 500 miles to Ohio Vintage Race Days--got off the bike, and couldnt believe I had no discomfort whatsoever. Looks good also. Here ya GO! http://corbin.com/honda/
  10. I'm sure people in MSTA or Gateway BMW Riders have personal experience with Schubert.
  11. Try THIS: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/schuberth-sr2-helmet?utm_campaign=Text-Vendor Tail-Sc
  12. Hello all! The Stlar meeting is 6/6/17 @ Culpeppers St Charles on Zumbehl/I-70, 6:30-9:00 pm
  13. Evan, it sounds iike a belt issue, but without me actually being there there's no way to absolutely certain. Try THIS: With the noise present at idle, spray some silicone lube at the belt and see if the noise changes pitch, volume, or is eliminated entirely. If so..REPLACE the belt. Ive seen loose water pumps make this sound also. Engine off, try to rock the water pump pulley back and forth--any play, it needs replacement. Thing is, the noise going away when accelerated points to the belt itself. You can alo remove the belt, start the engine and see if the noise is gone. Then, engine off, spin each pulley by hand and check for roughness and/or play.
  14. Ive used my electric impact without an issue. Just make sure the trans is in neutral before pulling the trigger. I notice that with electric(Snap-on Lithium Ion 700+ ft lbs in reverse) the hammer blows are of a much higher frequency than the hammer blows in my Ingersoll air impacts. You dont even feel the impacts of the electric impact hammer. Besides the removal in neutral deal, to me the main thing is properly torquing the sprocket retaining nut during sprocket installation. Again in neutral, I either place a 2" X 4" wood block through the rear wheel to lock it against the swingarm, or have someone stand on the rear brake to prevent rotation during torquing. Years ago one of our own who shall remain nameless didnt get the nut torqued. The nut decided it wanted out, and it appeared upon its exit it damaged the transmission's countershaft threads. By using a metric thread file I was able to clean remnants of the nut from the shaft threads, the shaft threads being harder than the nut. New nut and tangwasher, all was good.