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  1. I wouldnt mind a go at the Super Tenere...
  2. IN!! Got new helmet yesterday, waiting for the communication system adapter. Can't wait to try it out.
  3. 10 day trip ideas?

    It's a good time to go to Deals Gap. The 1st time I went was the 3rd week of May '03. Rained on the way there and on the way back to St. Louis, but was letter perfect the whole time we were there. Last July Casey Moore(Mangosmoothie) and I went, was 100 degrees+ most of the time. Great roads and scenery. Kudos to Khaled(Speed) , our "Tour Guide". We only took 4 days, so we did the Interstate to get there. If you have 10 days, you could take secondary roads and take your time.
  4. Hello all! The upcoming Stlar Meeting is Tuesday, May 1st at Culpepper's, St. Charles. 6:30 pm to..? I will be bringing a tire, an air tank, maybe a small compressor, and a Mazda-calibrated tire pressure gauge as a Standard by which we can test your gauges for accuracy. Bring as many as you want checked. I look forward to seeing you there!
  5. New Guy

    Welcome to Stlar, Dane!

    To me, it's a matter of self-control. I follow the manufacturure's break-in procedures to a "T". Yeah, it isnt as fun as hitting redline in every gear, but I know that time is coming. And I make it a point of giving my bikes "the business" every time one leaves the garage. After break-in. Failures can occur at any time for no apparent reason( although there's always a reason). That's the nature of mechanical things. But I dont need to press my luck or tempt fate just because I want immediate satisfaction on a brand-new machine as if it's got 6000 to 8000 miles on it, much less 600 to 800 miles or whatever the manufacturer deems is the break-in mileage. If there is an powertrain-related issue that develops either during or after the warranty period, I dont want it to occur because of something I did or didnt do either in my maintenance, my riding, or my break-in procedure. I dont need to play tug-of-war with the engineers that designed my bike. Then too, I tend to keep my bikes forever--18 years on the ZRX, 37 years on my CB750K. 61K miles between the 2 of them. No abnormal oil consumption or mechanical noise with either. Valve clearances tend to stay constant, not a trace of cam lobe wear. Compression remains well within specifications. Would these 2 engines be in the same condition if I rode them like I stole them from Day1? Who knows? I had no need or want to find out otherwise. I followed the recommended break-in recommendations with my latest, the Vstrom1000. I dont worry about it, as I didnt worry about the other 2 bikes. How others break in their bikes is totally up to them. And if they experience no problems after doing bonzai runs to the far side of the tach during break-in more power to them. But they arent responsible for my bikes.

    Just asking...but why WOULDNT you just follow the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning break-in?

  9. STLAR Meeting!

    Aaron, there's a purpose for everything.
  10. Happy Birthday JJ

  11. Need your opinion on Mac books

    After 14 years of PCs, we switched to Macbook Pros. LOVE THEM!!! Syncs to our Iphones and my Ipad. Totally different operating system than PC. No virus's. Once you use a Mac, you wont go back to PC. Wifes Mac is an '09, mine is a '10. I just replaced the battery in hers 3 days ago--back to new!
  12. Hello all! Come join us for the Stlar meeting April 3rd at Culpepper's St. Charles at 6:30. I'll have my electronic battery tester with me so for those that are interested, if you bring in your motorcycle battery I'll be happy to test it for you. It might save someone some grief out on a ride.
  13. New rider

    Welcome to Stlar! The best advice I can give you is to obtain a copy of the book "Total Control" by Lee Parks volume 1 and/or volume 2. Read it carefully and practice every time you go out. "Fear of leaning".... Dont be afraid. Fear is when you dont know what can happen.YOU KNOW what can happen. In these books and elsewhere look up "Countersteering". I practice countersteering each and every time I'm out on a bike. Keep one thing firmly in mind: YOU control the machine. Dont let the machine control you.
  14. My prediction.

  15. Stlar Meeting

    Barry, one of my intents with the Membership form was to have a 2-line list of members to be carried by any Stlar admin personnel on a Stlar ride. The 2 lines would consist of name and contact info only. I would think that this list could be made available to the Stlar members for any rides if there is interest. It could save valuable time if an unfortunate event were to take place. It is not meant as an invasion of privacy, just as an added help on rides.