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    Understood. 1 year later, I’m still buying “Things I Think I Can’t Live Without” for my most recent motorcycle.

    Says the man that just bought a GoldWing...LOL
  3. Happy Birthday Stiffneck🏍💨

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!
  4. Unique exhaust modification

    Yeah, I dont think the original YouTube poster is up on his brass section names. In my high school marching band we had a sousaphone player that could make track racing sounds. It was hard to play baritone horn listening to him in the back row.
  5. Number 112

    Congrats, Ed! AGAIN. But...is there an award for having owned the fewest motorcycles? I mean, 5 bikes in 37 years has to count for something, doesnt it?
  6. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Thanks, was a most excellent time!! The timing, trip there and back, hotel/shuttle service to and from the show, and the show itself was great. I bought a couple of T-shirts for Mrs. ZRX, got priceless technical info from the same Suzuki Technical Service Director I conversed with at the '17 show, bought some tire valves from Steve Nemish at No-Mar, talked with Lee Parks as I have done since '04, Bought 2 spacer discs for my rear Pit Bull Stand and was told about new products coming out. And, I saw a LOT of motorcycles including new, custom, and classic. Best of all was the respect, friendship, and camaraderie shown among Dave, Chris, JJ, Steven, and me throughout the whole event. It's what Stlar club members do.
  7. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Sorry you couldnt make the trip, Nathan
  8. Emissions Warranty

    That is true. There MAY be "wiggle room" on the warranty if modifications didnt cause the failure. In many cases the warranty spells out what is covered and what is not covered. It can also explain the cases where warranty can be denied. Aaron, see if your warranty manual for the Z125 shows emissions coverage, or there is a separate manual for emissions. Conditions will be spelled out there. Either way, by federal law, there is emissions warranty coverage.
  9. Emissions Warranty

    Aaron, the emission warranty generally (depends on the manufacturer) covers everything in the engine control system that affects emissions. From my work with emission repairs things covered included injectors, fuel pump, evaporative emission items like fuel tank and related items, spark plugs, coils and ignition items, sensors, ECU, catalytic converters, EGR valves, probably much more.
  10. Emissions Warranty

    Hello all! In the last year or so, some of us have purchased new motorcycles. In the case of my Suzuki Vstrom1000, the basic warranty is 12 months/unlimited mileage. So, as of last week my basic vehicle warranty has expired. But, there is also a separate emissions warranty that you may not be aware of. The owners manual referred me to the emissions warranty manual that is to be provided at time of sale. I did not receive this manual in my customer packet when I picked up the bike. I called BSC service department, spoke with an advisor. He couldnt tell me the terms of the emissions warranty. He looked them up, still no go. So I called Suzuki Customer Service, and the warranty specialist there had no idea! But, he looked it up, found the manual, and mailed it to my house, got it 2 days ago. Here are the main points: Vehicles manufactured after Jan 1 1978-- Class I 50cc-169cc 5 years or 7456 miles (12000 km) Class II 170cc-279cc 5 years or 11185 miles 18000km) Class III 280cc or larger 5 years or 18641 miles (30000km) What this means is that if you had a failure of--for example-- an O2 sensor, ECU, ignition coil, sensor, usually anything in the engine control system including ignition and fuel systems within the mileage or time period, it's a covered repair. If my Throttle Position Sensor failed now that I am out of warranty, and they tried to deny coverage, I have the paperwork to back me up as I have 13K miles and 4 years left on my emissions warranty. I find it difficult to believe that a service advisor wouldnt have access to this information. A customer comes in with a missfire under load that is found to be a defective ignition coil, he would possibly be paying for the repair when the manufacturer would have paid for it. I did call the advisor back with this info. In certain circumstances, this emissions warranty--that you paid for when you purchased the bike-- may save you some serious money. You may want to check the paperwork you were supposed to have received when you purchased your new motorcycle.
  11. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Nathan, we're leaving St. Louis 8:30-9:00am Fri morning. Hope to see you there!!

    The little lamp in the headlamp housing is a daytime running light. Required in Europe as they do not have the US requirement of having the headlamp on when riding. It also serves as a parking lamp, and as an indicator lamp to those in front or coming at you if your low-beam is inop. Think car side marker lamp applied to the front. My ZRX has a small opening just below the headlamp, sort of an air scoop. It relieves some air pressure when riding, reduces wind noise and helmet buffeting, But The European ZRXs had a small lamp in that opening and a different headlamp switch so it too is a daytime running lamp.
  13. Touring Bike

    I knew something looked familiar...
  14. Touring Bike

    I think I'd name that pic after the football player and sports commentator: Dick ButtKiss