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  1. Fastford

    Ran into some hulligans today

    It was a great two Days!!! Now go get a Adv bike so we can hit the Dirt!!! Have a great rest of the week...
  2. Just happen to run into Crash Dozer JJ khalad and Michelle out here in Colorado.
  3. Fastford

    Saturday Pie Run (5/2/15)

    You get any better snap shot if Smokie in the camera
  4. Fastford

    Saturday Pie Run (5/2/15)

    Awesome!! Lights and all
  5. Fastford

    Saturday Pie Run (5/2/15)

    I blame Todd completly for being a hooligan. Such a bad influence on me. Lol
  6. Fastford

    Saturday Pie Run (5/2/15)

    Boy that's expensive pie in Illinois
  7. Fastford

    Saturday Pie Run (5/2/15)

    In!! Oh boy put street tires on dirt bike
  8. Fastford

    4 Day Arkansas Trip

    But they have the BEST Walmarts!!!
  9. Fastford

    Test Riding the "Bagger"

    I like the lever guards for the street. Adds a nice touch....
  10. Fastford

    YZ250 Overhaul

    Time to go ride in the woods......
  11. Fastford

    YZ250 Overhaul

    What's a Linux?
  12. Fastford

    YZ250 Overhaul

    is it done yet?
  13. Fastford

    Following Christopher one last time...

    He was a great Kid and will be missed by many. Sorry again for your loss.
  14. Fastford

    Who does head work?

    Yes riding both days this weekend. Call me if you wanna tag along 618-225-0995