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  1. The one that I'm selling was not..........that bike would have been more associated with someone able to instruct beer drinking rather than motorcycle racing. However, the other GSXR pictured in the pits above (blue/white tank) is Opie's old race bike that my good friend owns and rides.
  2. Not 100% sure. Just something a bit more stock. I'm open to offers that don't include race plastics and/or spare wheels.
  3. For sale is my 2007 GSXR 750 sport bike. It has 6200 miles or so and may go up here and there if the weather accommodates. It's never been down and is in great condition and comes with a ton of mods including: full Yoshimura R55 system Ohlins TTX rear shock Ohlins 25mm fork internals Ohlins steering damper (OEM as spare too) OEM shock and fork internals with 1500 miles Power Commander 3 with tune (128 WHP) Dynojet Quickshifter (standard shift; NOT GP shift) Speedohealer Vortex clip ons Vortex rear sets CRG shorty levers Stomp Grip BMC air filter Vortex sliders Light smoke tinted windscreen OEM plastics have less than 1k miles on them Sharkskinz painted race plastics (minor blemish on tail section where it fell off my stand onto my tire changer) otherwise normal chips from track and street use Extra gas tank with fuel pump to match race plastics with Vortex cap Extra set of wheels I have ridden this bike on both street and track for the last 4.5 years or so (usually 2-3 track days per year). It's a fantastic bike and I hate to let it go but I'm dialing back my track days and I've found another bike I'm interested in. Where this bike is kind of unique is it can be fully street legal in it's race plastics (see pics). I have a working headlight under the front fairing and a fully functioning tail light with blinkers for the back that I take off for track days. When track day season ends, I put it back in street plastics and enjoy the comfortable OEM seat. It could easily be a dedicated track bike or street bike which would allow the new owner to sell off whichever set of fairings you didn't need. It's not too bad of a job to swap them out. Clear MO title. On pricing, bikes like this are hard to price out. The only downside is it's 11 years old. The upside is clear title, never down, tons of good and expensive mods, and the two full sets of plastics with matching tank.
  4. As a non-Facebooker, were you able to see the flyer by clicking on the link?
  5. Some friends of mine opened The Place in Chesterfield and host some cool, motorhead friendly events like this. Keep an eye on their FB page. Really good dudes. https://www.facebook.com/ThePlace500/photos/a.1475971365969939.1073741828.1474166982817044/1842059832694422/?type=3&theater
  6. Par for the course with that one. Hell, he probably has pics of her already
  7. Hello everyone, I’d like to take a minute of your time and let you know about a great charity I’m helping to raise money for again. It’s called St. Baldrick’s Foundation and its focus is funding research for curing childhood cancer. I’ve participated for the last 2 years and have raised over $10,000 in total!! It’s been pretty popular in recent years so you may have seen someone you work with or know personally who shaves their head in support of it. I’ve included pics from previous events below. This year I’m sure I’ll ask the stylist to do something unique for the “during” pic again for everyone’s amusement. With the money is going to a great cause I’m all for it! You can read more about the charity here: http://www.stbaldricks.org/. I have a goal of raising $5,000 this year and I’m asking you for your support in helping me get there. The link below will take you to my page which has more information on how you may donate if you wish. ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE so if this isn’t the right time or you support other charities or other people who participate in St. Baldrick’s, that’s perfectly fine. I would greatly appreciate anything you can donate big or small. I truly believe every bit makes a difference. Thanks, Kevin https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/816684/2016
  8. Keep in mind, you're not likely to find seat belts in these type of karts. Without rollover protection, I think ejection is the better option in case the kart landed upsidedown.
  9. I guess its just a case of whether you want to be the BEST grandpa or not!! It has an adjustible screw that will only allow as much throttle as you wish based on skill level.
  10. Sounds good. I should be good to meet around 1 Monday. I'll PM you as we get closer to work out the details.
  11. It's all yours. I live in South County and work near Westport so I can meet you near one of those locations.
  12. Brand new in packaging free to good (or even mediocre) home.
  13. Yeah, that extra 8" of height may be a problem unless she has really tall boots
  14. She is obviously more than welcome to try them on
  15. Yep, it has a 360 zipper. Here's more info: 2pc sports ladies specific suit, with pre-curved arms and legs Printed graphics 1.2-1.4mm Brazilian cowhide Stretch Cordura® in arms / chest and legs Airtex™ anti-bacterial, non-allergenic nylon lining KNOX® CE Shockless elbow armor, in Advanced Armor Pocket™ KNOX® CE Shockless knee armor, in Advanced Armor Pocket™ KNOX® CE Shockless shoulder armor, in mesh lining pocket Armorshield dual density foam spine pad Full circumference YKK® connecting zip Hook 'n' loop adjustable waist belt 2nd layer of Cordura® in elbows, shoulders and knees 2nd layer of cowhide in seat Seamless Full Motion™ arm and legs stretch system YKK® Japanese Nylon coil zippers Soft edged cuff and legs Safety-Wrap™ leg system Soft touch Neoprene collar Teknic® Reflective rear logo Note: Sliders NOT included
  16. For sale is a brand new pair of leathers that have never had a bug smash into them. I bought them for my wife a while back with the thought of her riding on backroads with me and/or attending track days on her own and it just never happened. They are size 6 which means they are meant for a pretty small person. My wife is 5' and a little over 100#. I think we paid $400. Price now is $250 $200.
  17. The kid who is racing it is about 4'8" tall. The seat is adjustable and I believe can be moved back a few inches without problem.
  18. For sale is a kids Intrepid racing kart with a 60cc Parilla Gazelle 2-stroke engine. It has a centrifugal clutch and electric start. Includes 2 sets of slicks, 1 set has only a few practice laps. It's designed for a kid between 6-10 years of age approximately. It's been sitting for a while so it'll need a bit of tuning. It starts up quick but will bog down under a load. When running properly it's pretty quick and handles well. $1000
  19. That video was.......uh.........something! ?
  20. Thanks guys! It was a great day!
  21. I don't think I have that shirt anymore but have a few other STLAR ones. Good memories.
  22. I remember having those made. I still have mine rolled up in my garage for when I get it finished.
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