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  1. """Gaston, 62, was charged with knowingly participating in criminal street gang activities, attempted parental kidnapping by detaining or concealing a child’s whereabouts""" His (kidnapped) kid musta been 40years old +/- .... lol
  2. Tower Grove, South Grand, CWE, Lafayette Sq, Hill, Benton Park, etc.... Love/miss all those areas.
  3. It is definitely my favorite, by far. I LOVE the elevation changes, and the sea-shells mixed in w/ the asphalt make the tarmac feel like a wood-rasp....Traction for days. It is so very far away, and I don't like road trips, so I only used to go once in a while. Been there maybe 5x, I think. Love it though. If it was closer, I would live there 🙂
  4. *Various TrackDay orgs/businesses Putnam April 29/30 May 2021 May 28 June 17/18 July 8/9 August 12/13 September 23/24 Autobahn Raceway May 27/28/29 July 1/2 July 29/30 September 2/3 September 23/24 Brad and I are planning on Putnam 2x and Autobahn 1x this year. We would possibly also like to caravan to Barber Raceway in Alabama 1x
  5. 1/2-dead, injury-riddled, on 9th life, 52yr old, still doing his best/hardest/pushing, with what's left of him & his hi-mileage/thrashed body... #NeverStopPushing #X-CountryEnduro, from the Greek word 'To endure' #PushTillTheWheelsFallOff!
  6. We have 3 dirtbikes to ride (XR100R, YZ125, YZ250X), We swap back and forth all day. We go to Flat River (St Joes state park) every Sunday, you are welcome to come and ride our bikes w/ us 🤠
  7. Yup! Hillbilly GranPrix
  8. My non-internet friend is selling off his bikes. One is a custom 2012 ZX14. Forks are updated w/ the latest gen ZX14 ones. Progressive fork springs. Custom paint (1989 ZX7). Shortened/bobbed tail, handmade seat cowl, etc. Brembo'd out = Brembo 19x18-race master-cyl & calipers & T-rotors. 2 sets of wheels. $7K Firm. Has all the stock/oem parts. Number plates are removable vinyl. If interested, let me know and I will fwd his info. TY
  9. Funny, I said the Exact same thing, at that very moment 🤣
  10. I'm just joking 😉 I wouldn't ride on that tyre, not on purpose anyways.
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