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  1. Depending on the weather , I just might be up for this ride !
  2. Thanks to Mike for putting this ride together ! I had a good time and great ride ! I think iam starting to get my riding legs back after 2 years off.
  3. I should be there ! I like to sleep late on the weekends
  4. Welcome back Jason ! Looks like the old group is making a comeback
  5. Its a 2008 red CBR 1000 RR.
  6. I just wanted to stop by and say ...... HI ! I bought another bike and look forward to riding with you all soon. Brian
  7. Good to know ....thanks !
  8. Iam still livin . My kids are not doing any sports right now so I have lots of time. I hope to make it to the next meeting this month. Maybe some time soon Ill get another bike.
  9. Just thought I would stop by and say hi ! Man am I missing riding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Congrats Koby There is nothing like having kids !!!!
  11. It was a good ride for me , 1st time out this year and I was RUSTY !!! It was good to see lots of new faces on the ride. * A BIG THANKS TO STLAR FOR PICKING UP LUNCH !!!!! *
  12. Welcome ! I am sitting with the girls next time :biggrin:
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