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  1. I would like to see them also. I'm not on the board very often any more
  2. What up Mike. I think I have seen that bike down
  3. What up Mr Young. Not quite five years. Call sometime
  4. What up fags!!!!!! Been a long time. I saw Chris was hurt (skippy) and was wondering what happened and how he is doing. One of you old timers can give me a call Randy 314-686-3141 Damn I have alot of posts
  5. I just listed the ST1300 on Craigslist. 47000 miles many extras Scratched plastic with a few cracks since it was knocked over in the driveway. All damage is cosmetic. If someone on the board buys it I will throw in an Alpinestar black leather jacket (large) and either my Soumy Bostrom extreme or Haga Aria helmet $3000 314-686-3141
  6. This will go on craigslist this weekend. This gives the board 1st shot if someone wants it. It is black with extras. 6000k firm 3146863141
  7. St1300 for sale. Many upgrades and in great shape. Any interest call me. 314-686-3141 Randy
  8. Same tickets and hotel as always for me. Looking forward to hanging out with a few old STLAR friends. Paul I will let you know my travel plans later
  9. The better answer is don't drink and ride.
  10. Going to sell my ST1300. It is a 2006. Black. All maint records. Several upgrades. 50000 miles. Runs and looks great. You can call if you have questions. 3146863141. First 6k takes it
  11. Back...... Not a chance. I will hang out and drink every once in awhile
  12. I have been saying the same thing for years
  13. StlRider

    Sad News

    Sorry to hear about the news. She was always a joy to talk with at the store
  14. For sale is a Honda generator that I bought for tire warmers. I never use it so I decided to sell it. First $200 takes it 314-686-3141
  15. I use to get really toasted when I would go see it on the loop
  16. One ride on a Buell was enough for me
  17. Maybe DMG will make an offer to buy them.
  18. Even being in bed with DMG couldn't save a piece o shit bike that it is.
  19. Mike this has been going on for 2yrs. Just worse now. Exactly why you don't see me much anymore. BTW working, training and racing.
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