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  1. Nope, track is paid for, we're going even if there's 5 people
  2. Tricky! What's up little bro! Welcome back, you gonna make it to Hallett again with us? Only 3 more weeks :cool:
  3. I've read that before, I believe Jason posted that awhile back, I see alot of "Road" tires being tested, and even a reference to the Pilot Sports, but the only thing I see on the Pilot Power is the word "rumored" in front of it. Comparing sport/tour tires to the powers is like comparing apples to forks. I have an extra set of wheels for the F4i, I may put a set of those conti road attacks on for commuting and light backroad riding, I have no problem running a sport/tour tire if the price is right
  4. PW, that wasn't a chop, that cat is incredible :biggrin:
  5. Across from Northwest Plaza on the Rock Road, click on the cycelgear tab in the top right corner of this website for more info
  6. Hey Nathan, I just talked to Scott from City Garage yesterday or the day before about a set of pilot powers also, he said he'd do them, just have to get ahold of him, I believe he said to call him on friday, or, you could PM him through the board, I've seen him on here recently. If that doesn't work, Cyclegear has them, I priced them at around $145 for a rear, and $20 mount/balance, not bad. As for the question of the Conti's being as good as the Michelins, I tend to doubt that, but haven't had them on my bike so can't say, but would try them for commuting and some backroad, wouldn't try them on the track.
  7. Psssst BE, http://www.ilovewavs.com/Effects/Animals/Chckns01.wav :laugh: :laugh:
  8. :biggrin: We'll call you around midnight from the bestwestern pool party! :laugh:
  9. Screw it, their loss, if it ends up like this, looks like an open track all day!
  10. I'm still laughing about some of the stories I heard :laugh:
  11. Oh dang Timmay, that friggin sucks bro, **It's a good thing that bike has never been raced or at a track day, and has only been commuted back and forth to work everyday after the break in period like the manual said, right timmay?** You think Yammie would buy that? :biggrin:
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