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  1. Bill

    Stands and Communicators

    Stands are sold.
  2. Bill

    Stands and Communicators

    It is a headstand and has the pin for a 2006 CBR. Other pins can be found here http://www.pit-bull....ns_front_stands Also the rear stand can be used with or without spools.
  3. I've got two Chatterbox XBI2 full faced helmet communicators for sale. $150.00 each. I also have Pitbull Front and Rear stands $150.00 for both.
  4. Bill

    Gravel Warning! Hwy 94

    Thats just fucked up! If it was intentional, I'd like to find the people responsible!
  5. Bill

    pretty cool vid for the troops

    That was a cool vid. Videos like that bring morale way up when you are thousands of miles away from home.
  6. Bill

    Hi from O'Fallon

    Welcome and congrats. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?
  7. Bill

    First Reponder Course is ON!

    I'm in. Will this be a weekday thing, weeknight, or weekend? Weekdays don't work to well for me unless I've got at least 2 weeks notice. Weeknights are good except Monday's. Any time on the weekend works. Thanks for getting this setup. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.
  8. Bill


    I agree with Dr. J. If the pressure is 105 on the inlet side of the regulator then and it does not stay constant on the outlet side (in the house and constant with in 10 -15 psi) then it almost has to be a volume problem. Think of it like a garden hose compared to a fire hose. If you push 105 psi through a fire hose with only the volume of a garden hose the water will just trickle out the end (well maybe more then trickle) but if you shut off the end of the fire hose and give it some time the pressure will build until it reaches the 105 mark. Once that happens if you open the end the water will come rushing out for a short time then reduce back down to the trickle.
  9. Bill


    Does it take awhile for the pressure to build back up? If so you might want to check for calcium build up or a crushed pipe while you have the regulator off. High pressure with low volume indicates a blockage somewhere. Basically what it sounds like is when the system is closed (everything off) the pipes fill up and the pressure increases. When you open the system the volume decreases and even though there is a lot of pressure there is not enough volume to maintain the pressure. Make sure the pipe is empty and the regulator is full open when you sweat it on, otherwise once you get it soldered the water left in the pipe can turn to steam from the hot pipe, and build up a lot of pressure and cause the pipe to break. I"m not a plumber but, I did work for the Las Vegas Valley Water District :biggrin: Good Luck.
  10. Bill

    Monthly get together

    Well it doesn't look like I can make it tonight. My Dad is in the hospital. Hopefully I can meet some of you on some rides, or at least at next months meeting.
  11. Bill

    My bike after crash

    I might be totally wrong on this but, I've heard as long as you are making an effort to pay they can't do much.