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  1. Yea Im pretty rusty. Gonna take a few outings to get back in a grove.
  2. Nothing on the go pro. Next time. This was off my phone
  3. Haha, that great. My go pro got nothing. Someone forgot to clear the card and it was full. Few more trips out and I should have the rust worked out. thanks again Todd
  4. Good ride today, hope you all made it back safe after I cut off. I go through pics and video later and post up. Was just missing big mike. Maybe we should have thrown a rock at your house this morning to wake you up
  5. Got it, gonna try and make the call. Us Old retired people have issues getting motivated in the morning anymore.
  6. I may try and run bixby saturday. It's been some time since I've been to bixby
  7. Thanks I may take you up on that, I loaned mine out and wasn't paying attention to the dates it would be gone
  8. Anyone have a 4000 running inverter generator I can borrow for a week
  9. I'm looking for a right side fairing and stock exhaust can for a 07-08 gsxr 1000 if anyone has one. Let me know ASAP.
  10. Been a while, I may get out for a little bit today. Maybe a quick run to bixby and back over 2 years since I did a run down there
  11. I know it was before alot of the current group was around but was cleaning out the drawers and came accross one of my old stlar tees. Ah good times.
  12. Thanks to all that has voted. You can vote daily and once per email. Only 36 hrs left till it ends and we need a big push of votes
  13. I'm reaching out to help my daughter win her dream wedding. She gets married this year and entered into this contest. Out of 635 couples they made to the top 10 which now goes to votes. You can vote once a day per email. Please please please vote for my daughter Kalyn and her fiancé josh. Just click on there pic and it will black out the rest and hit submit http://www.innsbrook-resort.com/wedding-giveaway/vote
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