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  1. gonecrazy

    Bixby Saturday 8/15/15

    Yea Im pretty rusty. Gonna take a few outings to get back in a grove.
  2. gonecrazy

    Bixby Saturday 8/15/15

    Nothing on the go pro. Next time. This was off my phone
  3. gonecrazy

    Bixby Saturday 8/15/15

    Haha, that great. My go pro got nothing. Someone forgot to clear the card and it was full. Few more trips out and I should have the rust worked out. thanks again Todd
  4. gonecrazy

    Bixby Saturday 8/15/15

    Good ride today, hope you all made it back safe after I cut off. I go through pics and video later and post up. Was just missing big mike. Maybe we should have thrown a rock at your house this morning to wake you up
  5. gonecrazy

    Bixby Saturday 8/15/15

    Got it, gonna try and make the call. Us Old retired people have issues getting motivated in the morning anymore.
  6. gonecrazy

    Ride Sunday 8/16 **Not STLAR led ride group**

    I may try and run bixby saturday. It's been some time since I've been to bixby
  7. gonecrazy

    Need to borrow a generator

    Thanks I may take you up on that, I loaned mine out and wasn't paying attention to the dates it would be gone
  8. gonecrazy

    Need to borrow a generator

    Anyone have a 4000 running inverter generator I can borrow for a week
  9. gonecrazy

    Wanted gsxr 1000 parts

    I'm looking for a right side fairing and stock exhaust can for a 07-08 gsxr 1000 if anyone has one. Let me know ASAP.
  10. gonecrazy

    anybody riding this weekend?

    Been a while, I may get out for a little bit today. Maybe a quick run to bixby and back over 2 years since I did a run down there
  11. gonecrazy


    Don't know if I was a orginal but it's been a while. There were plenty before me. Back then I belive it was randy and Ibekevman that turn me into the group.
  12. gonecrazy


    Been a while since I've been on the forum. Can't believe this 9 yr old thread I started got brought back to life
  13. gonecrazy

    Throw back thursday

    I know it was before alot of the current group was around but was cleaning out the drawers and came accross one of my old stlar tees. Ah good times.