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  1. (GSXR55) Good stuff! '72 Honda 350-Four.
  2. 1. You should hit rusty calipers with a hammer, not a mallet! 2. Chinesiem: LoL 😂
  3. I don't know from fuel stabilizer, but, I can tell you not to let old gasoline sit in your tank for long periods of time. It can dissolve brass used in connectors to fuel pump and fuel level sender. Even some plastic can dissolve. RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLE! I do use stabilizer but the bottle I have is so old I'm not sure IT is good anymore. Biggest pita is Mercedes that I don't drive enough, which is easily fixable, and generator which I drain and refill every 2 years. Should do sooner but hasn't been a problem, yet. I always run the carb out of fuel, by choking it as it starts to die. I should figure out how to run it on propane/natural gas. I've used it once during a 30 power outage in 10 years...
  4. @Dippnet takes his bikes everywhere.
  5. A picture paints a thousand words. I think that a lot of other people I didn't understand this at first, and tried to jam a bike into a left hander by cranking the bars left (counter clockwise). To quote Arnold in one of his movies, "Big Mistake!"
  6. Anybody wanna go? KSU from Eureka QT at 9. Moderate pace.
  7. First time I've logged on in months. MM.
  8. Welcome to STLAR. The following links are provided as a focal point to the philosophy, techniques, and general guidelines we as STLAR members generally prefer on our rides, events, and within our activities. Much of this information did not necessarily originate from within the the ranks of STLAR, rather it has become adopted preference. Once again, Welcome! STLAR ride Guidelines How to ride backroads 101 Group riding hand signals 101 Factors which can contribute to a crash
  9. The latest patch for Invision Power Board has been applied, taking us to Post here if you run across any issues.
  10. The request has been sent to IPS to perform the upgrade... It should occur within the next 10 days... It may be later today... it may be 10 days from now... they can't/won't say when.
  11. Minimum is 3... you and Ray are good-2-go.
  12. Click on your current name in the upper right hand corner of the screen... and from the drop down list select "My Settings" ... on the left hand side of the screen select "Display Name" and Enter your new display name in the box. You can do this 5 times each day... BUT DON'T ... you risk losing your account and don't get cute and change your name to someone else's display name... you'll screw up both accounts and the easy solution is to delete one of the offending accounts. Guess which one. I'll leave this feature turned on for now. If you are really concerned about doing this ... send Dog a PM and he'll do it for you.
  13. In the next 18 to 20 days IPS will perform an upgrade to this website from IPS version 3.4.8 to 4.1 of Invision Power Board. When this happens all the colors, special buttons, STLAR branding etc will disappear and it will take Dog a while to put it all back. The board should be operational to post etc. if all goes well. If all doesn't go well the board may be down for some time. The most important thing for you to know is that once the upgrade occurs... YOUR USERNAME WILL NO LONGER BE VALID... YOUR DISPLAY NAME WILL BECOME YOUR USERNAME. There are two things to do to improve your chances of retaining your identity on the board. Make your display name something with no spaces or special characters... so for example "Road Runner" should be changed to "Road_Runner" because when you try to login you'll need to login with "Road_Runner" So you should be changing your Display Name before the upgrade to something you can remember, something you like (cause you are going to have it forever) and it should have nothing but letters, numbers and underscores.. the use of dashes (-) or anything like !@#$%^&*() may or may not work. Make sure you have phone numbers, emails or other means of contact for your friends in case there is an outage so you can still communicate. May the force be with us.
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