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  1. I'd like to join you, but it's going to be to hot to enjoy the nice route you have there. As for the food stop, there is Hub's Pub and Grill in Potosi. https://www.facebook.com/hubspubpotosi/ http://www.hubspubandgrill.com/
  2. MotoAmerica series keeps him pretty busy. If I'm not mistaken he isn't doing any mcra events this year. He just got back from the west coast last week, and should be at his shop this week.
  3. Thanks for checkin it out for us. It's not listed on their website as a location. The Circle K just up the street is 5952 Hwy 94, Weldon Spring, MO 63304 https://goo.gl/maps/tGqqGLViprT2
  4. https://postimages.org/
  5. Depends what time we get back Saturday, if I'm or not.
  6. Be safe buddy, wish I was able to join you.
  7. On the X2 slim or the X2 Slim-P you can only pair two devices, one hands free device and one audio device. Also some smart phones and GPS's will use both when paired to the X2 Slim X2Slim manual_print with PTT.pdf
  8. Yes. I love the single control knob over the older style. Although, sometimes I wish I'd bought the the X2 Slim-P for the added wireless PTT. One of the best things I like is that I can pause my music with just a push of the control knob.
  9. Eric is the man!!! http://www.velocitycalibrations.com/
  10. My first motorcycle was a 1976 Suzuki RM 50 that I got when I was 6 or 7 yr old.