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  1. whatarush

    Plan B?

    Meat at the Eureka QT @ 9AM with kickstands up @ 9:30. Destination TBD
  2. whatarush

    Ride Sunday ???

    If you decide on Hermann. 94 is closed between Marthasville & Treloar do to flooding
  3. whatarush

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Great ride all. Thanks for posting the ride Nathan
  4. whatarush

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    Tyres are on....IN
  5. whatarush

    CHAin lube

    FYI Dupont chain cleaner has hydrotreated petroleum (kerosene) in it. Which according to FortNine's cleaner test is not good to use on sealed chains
  6. whatarush

    Ride Saturday ??

    When and where do you want to meet?
  7. whatarush

    MotoGP 2019

    Aprilia Racing Team Gresini, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, Repsol Honda Team and Team Suzuki Ecstar file protests concerning aerodynamic devices on the rear swing arm of Ducati machinery. Based on guidelines and regulations currently in force, the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel rejected their protests. An appeals process then began and the appeals panel has subsequently decided to refer the case to the MotoGP Court of Appeals in order to attain more information and detail pertaining to the matter. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2019/03/11/qatar-gp-protests-referred-to-motogp-court-of-appeals/286459
  8. whatarush

    World Super Bike 2019

    round 2 is this weekend. its going to be a hot one.
  9. whatarush

    Tire Deals

    Rebates are starting....Bridgestone is currently running $60 per-set, or $25 per-tire on the following tires. With $40 per-set or $15 per-tire on the following tires $160 for a 120/190 set of S21's is hard to pass up. set of S22's just under two bills.
  10. whatarush

    You guys with 2-piece suits...

    After some thought today. I think two hangers ziptied together would get the job done.
  11. whatarush

    You guys with 2-piece suits...

    The old wooden hangers with clips that they have at most hotels work quite nice. Somehow two got packed away in my bags on one of the AR trips a long time ago. 😁 I've seen that www.blackandgray.com has some nice and pricey hangers.
  12. whatarush


    I've been watching past races to get my fix. The Sepang test is the 6th,7th & 8th of this month. I'm really excited to see and hear a group of the new Triumph 765's. The new RC213V looks like the size of a 600
  13. whatarush

    Sunday 1/6

    Great ride guys!! Thanks for posting the ride Nathan.
  14. whatarush

    Sunday 1/6

    I'll be rolling on my slow Versys, so hopefully you'll join us.
  15. whatarush

    Sunday 1/6

    See you in the am.