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  1. Bixby saturday 11 18

    Low 40’s and wet....I’m out
  2. Its What Men Do !!!


    HBD Joe
  4. Happy birthday Kirk

    HBD Kirk
  5. Happy birthday Casey

    HBD Casey
  6. Fork seals

    From my own experience. The DLC gets pitted from rocks and road debris and tears up the seal.
  7. Stlar Meeting

    Long day...not going to make it
  8. Stlar Meeting

  9. Sunday 11-5

    The bites!! We was able to stay dry. The roads was mostly damp, 185 still has a lot of gravel in the center of the lane, which sucked. But once the gravel gets cleaned off it will be awesome. The grip level is outstanding.
  10. Sunday 11-5

    Home. Thanks for coming out Mike. Hope you was able to stay dry on the way home.
  11. Sunday 11-5

    I haven’t....it’s dry now so I’m riding. I don’t care if nobody shows. The rain don’t scare me. I for some strange reason like riding in the rain.
  12. Sunday 11-5

    The weather is looking good ladies!!! Heading out shortly. Bixby or Cuba??
  13. T30 EVO GT’s

    I have a set of Bridgestone T30 EVO GT’s for sale. The front is a 120/70-17 & the Rear is a 180/55-17. $170 of the set. I can get them mounted and balance if you bring me your wheels. http://www.bridgestone.com/products/motorcycle_tires/products/detail/pr009/
  14. Anyone Riding ??

    Sounds good to me. Posted St. Louis Rock Rd. has new pavement, so I won’t be going through town. I’ll see you at the meet spot. Or we can meet at Krakow store at 8:15.
  15. Sunday 11-5

    Meet at the QT in Eureka at 109 & I-44 at 9am. I'm thinking Bixby or Cuba.