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  1. According to gear commander the 06 zx6 is 15F/43R with 110 link stock. After playing with the number I'd go 15F/47R with 112 links.
  2. Home. Thx everyone for coming out.
  3. That sucks. Hope to see you in the am
  4. Erika don't really want to ride in the rain and I'm not going to leave her alone today. Sorry all but I'm out. Ride Canceled
  5. HBD
  6. still not looking go for Saturday 7am 1pm I'll post up in the morning if I'll be at meet spot or not
  7. Thx all.
  8. imo the best product to use on plastic is Novus Plastic Polish. https://www.novuspolish.com/ you can buy the 3 step kit on amazon. The Novus #1 is great for visors and shields for rain repellent and bugs.
  9. HBD Shane
  10. In +1 If you can grab two tickets again that would be great. I'll get you some cash next time I see you, or I can send it via paypal.