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  1. MotoGP Austin 2018

    We did. The last 30 miles was rough. My neck was sore as hell.
  2. My first Kawi!

    Thx for posting them. I’ve been using Sygic app for gps on my phone. I have always had to put waypoints in for route planning. I like the look of the Kurviger app. The only down side I’ve seen is I’ll have to go with the pro version for it to work offline. the up side is its only 10 bucks
  3. New Guy

  4. My first Kawi!

    Not sure how much is different from the H2 and the H2 SX, but here is the H2 service manual Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Service Manual.pdf
  5. Tire Deals

    Pirelli and Metzeler, are offer rebates till May 31st. with Continental good till June 30th on select tires.
  6. STLAR Meeting!

    Not going to make it tonight.
  7. STLAR Meeting!

    Planning on it
  8. Happy Birthday JJ

    HBD JJ
  9. New rider

  10. World Superbike 2018

    Looks like the new regulations are working, out of four races there has been 3 winners.
  11. Sunday the 18 th

  12. Kawasaki dealer recommends

    Stock H2 SX w/zx6r muffler compared to a quick tune more info can be found here. http://www.zx-10r.net/forum/f94/preliminary-h2-sx-tuning-findings-346890.html
  13. Sunday the 18 th

    Great!! I thought you was out of town this week.
  14. Sunday the 18 th