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  1. Tire Deals

    Bridgestone is running another rebate on select tires for spring. $25 per tire, limited to 4 tires per household, customer or address. on the following tires. Battlax Adventure A41 Battlax Hypersport S21 Battlax Sport Touring T31 Battlecross Battlecruise H50 Motocross M59 https://www.bridgestonerewards.com/DynamicPage/Index/BEDBAF2F-490B-46D2-8B87-5C09BC47C42D
  2. MotoGP Austin 2018

    Hotel is reserved and tickets are ordered.
  3. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Home...thanks Terry for setting everything up.
  4. Emissions Warranty

    Great info Terry! I was told about the emission warranty from the service guy over at MetroEast Motorsports when I bought my Versys. I just looked at the paper work and it is the same as yours. As for the manufactures warranty I have one more year
  5. Happy Birthday Freak🎂!

    HBD Ed

    Hey Ed, I forgot to post the links for some options with on tank grip for your ctx. So here they are. TechSpec Snake Skin https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/techspec-snake-skin-tank-pads-honda-ctx700-ctx700n-ctx1300 R&G Racing Universal http://www.rg-racing.com/browsetype/Tank_Traction_Grips/Universal/Universal/EZRGSTANDUNI/ Stompgrip Universal https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/stompgrip-universal-streetbike-tank-pad I have the TechSpec on the 10, and the R&G on Versys. IMO the R&G is more aggressive. I have read on some forums. that safety grip tape works good also. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Life-Safe-Black-Gator-Grip-Grit-Tape/1000060753

    Home, thx for posting Ed

  9. Anyone purchase a bike from out-of-state?

    When I bought my zx10. I flew out to Boise, ID where the dealer picked me up and drove me to Ontario, OR so I could I ride it back. If I ever had to use a company to transport my bikes, I’d use http://haulbikes.com/ When my brother sold one of his bikes. The purchaser used them to haul the bike from here to CA.
  10. SHOW

    In + 2 for the show. We will be there Sunday as well. IMO ABS should not be used in offroad/dirt or racing. I have always thought that ABS/EBS was not needed. But after having a bike with it. I'm leaning more for it. but with the ability to deactivate it. On my Versys the only way to do so is pulling the fuse.
  11. Chicago Motorcycle Show

  12. I've had a similar incident on my first zx10. I was riding along and the bike just died. Pulled over to the side of the ride and tried restarting it. The pump would prime but no start. I got off the bike and looked things over, while . After a couple minutes I tried again and it started. Rode it home and on a couple more rides with no problems. Then one morning I was going to for a ride and the bike would not start again. Turns out. I got chain lube in side the kickstand switch when I over lubed my chain last time. I put a jumper wire on it and never had a problem again.

    Thanks for posting Ed that LCQ was