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  1. I’ve done the MA VP for the past two years. But after seeing that they put the races up on YouTube for free a day or two after the event (I think Live as well) I decided to not renew it. https://m.youtube.com/@MotoAmerica/videos
  2. It was nice seeing at Casey’s. Hopefully you can come out and play sometime this year.
  3. I was amazed that all four of them powered on. The X2’s was last used 2 1/2 - 3yrs ago. With the X1 slim and X1 sitting for over 8 yrs. The X1’s battery is now dead and I can’t find the charger
  4. I’m a pack rat….I still have one of the non-BT X1’s lol.
  5. If you don’t have the VP…There is 6 rounds of WSBK on CNBC channel. (5 remaining) For all your racing schedule needs checked out this site http://www.tvracer.com/
  6. Meet at Casey’s in Washington, Hwy 100/Hight St. 11am with kickstands up shortly after. Post or text me at six three six 900 1184 if you’re coming out. No set destination planned
  7. Thx for coming out everyone… another great ride fellas
  8. Meet: QT in Eureka 109/44 Kickstands up @ 10:30 Cuba? Bixby? Someplace else?
  9. Sorry I wasn’t able to meet up with you guys. I failed to remember that Erika’s chili takes 5-6 hrs to make.. see you on the next one
  10. Maybe….Erika & I was thinking of going to Cuba…I’ll see if I can change her mind
  11. Oldie but goodie sure miss riding with you Captain
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