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  1. Heading to Hermann Meet at QT on 94 in Weldon Spring 5905 MO-94, Weldon Spring, MO 63304 Kickstands up at 10:30am
  2. Some of us are heading to Linn or Bixby MO on Sunday. Meet at Eureka QT with kickstands up at 9:30am
  3. Anyone up for a ride on Sunday? Nathan and I are riding to Bixby or Cuba. If anyone is interested post up and we can work out a meet spot....thinking meet in Eureka around 9:30 with KSU at 10am If no takers we will be leaving from Washington instead.
  4. I was hoping the temps was going to be higher, but it hasn't changed. 31*-35* Meet time is just to cold for this guy.
  5. What is the reason for not being able to delete our post like we was able to do in the past?? all the other forums will let you delete post. besides the first post you started in a thread. the man reason is because. back in 2010 when I had my bad accident. I had to lawyer up to fight the person at fault and there insurance company. The lawyer said to remove any thing that may be on the internet so the insurance company can't use it against you. so every once and a while I go back and delete all post that I can so I don't ever have to do it again.
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