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  1. For those not on Facebook... 3 Day AR Trip. Sept. 30th - Oct 2nd Staying at the Quality Inn & Suites in Mountain Home 1031 Highland Cir, Mountain Home, AR 72653 Meet Friday at: Casey's In Washington, Mo. 1501 High St, Washington, MO 63090 Meet time: TBD Daily Mileage 300-350 1. We Will Want Some Contact Names / Numbers Given To Someone Before We Depart. 2. Consider Your Options If Your Bike Fails And We Cannot Repair or a Crash Happens. The Ride Continues. What Will You Do? 3. Consider Letting Someone Else Know You Might Need To Have Them Make a Trip and Pick You Up. 4. I Recommend New Tires. Arkansas roads Are Very Abrasive and Chew Tires Up. 5. All Maintenance, Chains, Sprockets, Brakes, etc. Up To Date Before Departure. 6. Consider Getting a Tire Repair Kit and Having (6 )Co2 Cartridges or Air Pump. 7. Novus, Plexus, Micro Towels,Windex Wipes For Visors 8. Rain Gear Prepared. Hope For No Rain.
  2. Thx for posting this JJ. I have a 6-ton set that is affected.
  3. Heading to Hermann Meet at QT on 94 in Weldon Spring 5905 MO-94, Weldon Spring, MO 63304 Kickstands up at 10:30am
  4. Some of us are heading to Linn or Bixby MO on Sunday. Meet at Eureka QT with kickstands up at 9:30am
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