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  1. I'm just got up to 129 ride the tail of the dragon
  2. Yeah but I'm pretty sure the roads suck down here
  3. Not sure I'll get a cruiser, but maybebuild a cafe racer
  4. So, what does anyone know about FL? I'm taking a manager position to run a co in Freeport FL. It's only 18miles east from Destin.
  5. For future reference. I live near 79 and 47. So if you guys need a trailer in the future. Call me and I can have someone or myself get my trailer for you. My number is in my profile
  6. Had to work today or I would've made it. But I'm looking into a new line of work so no more work weekends
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. I will call Velocity and see what they will charge if I bring them in
  8. Not familiar? But I will look it up.
  9. So where is a good affordable place to get my fork seals replaced? Or is it something I could tackle myself?
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