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  1. 2k12r

    Rider Down

    understood, guess i should have elaborated on my statement more clearly. STLAR is known for agressive street rides/riders. I wasnt trying to disrespect anyone or the club. I have on occasion rode with some of you and i can tell you that the pace is always very exciting to say the least and in my case always enjoyable, but it is not for everyone.
  2. 2k12r

    Rider Down

    Throttle and Kev, you both must not have read my post slowly enough. I blamed nobody and in fact stated you cant blame the club ..... i did however state that when you invite people on rides like these it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens... I was not sucked into anything, i voiced my opinion just like the rest , if offends anyone then so be it and yes i do ride where i choose and with whom i wish so hey Throttle
  3. 2k12r

    Rider Down

    WOW , another STLAR accident.... I must say it doesnt suprise me . I am not condemning the club nor the rider in question ( shit happens !! ) the unfortunate part of this whole thread is a fellow rider is seriously injured because of HIS actions NOT ANYONE ELSE!! but one must stop and think , Would this have happened if these rides werent public knowledge or a general invite was not made to riders not familiar with the route/conditions?? I respect the majority of riders here and there decisions but come on, the street is not the place for this style of riding, I dont care how good you are it WILL bite you sooner or later ... I have all but stopped street riding in favor of the track because i dont have the self control to stay in the back . With that why not get on a track ?? Its a CONTROLED environment with all the safety precautions neccessary to help minimize you getting injured and i gaurantee there is always someone faster to chase and you just might learn a thing or two.. I can give you my reason for limiting my aggressive street riding style--- Let one of your friends your riding with die in your arms because of" I think i am faster than you EGO BS " and then tell me how you feel about all this craziness???
  4. 2k12r

    TURBO Busa

    Innovative definatley has some nice capabilities... Have you been using the ECU editing for tuning or a stand alone fueling system? i have seen some signifigant gains with the oem ecu editing software. It has some very useful boost fueling/timing features when set up correctly. cant wait to see that animal get down the track , should make for an interesting ride.
  5. 2k12r

    TURBO Busa

    Nice bike Rudy. You datalogging EGT p/cyl for tuning ?
  6. 2k12r

    Hayabusa guys

    you fo chrome at your place? com on hook a brotha up!!!
  7. 2k12r

    Hayabusa guys

    $10,000 = ( 1 ) bike, only shop owner / builder rides the bike , ( 1 ) drag race session say best 3 out of 5 round robin passes immediately followed by( 1 ) 25 min ccs rules roadrace, ET and Lap times average to dictate winner . now that sounds like fun..... guess i could pull my 12r outta cobb webs ehh Ben? a bike that can do more than 1 thing well , who woulda thunk it!!! Rudy builds some fast bikes, no doubt . Ben can hold his own in his side of the fence . nothing like some friendly internet ribbing to keep the cold weather riding blues away.
  8. 2k12r

    Hayabusa guys

    busa is good for 300-350 hp with stock crank/rods. We made almost 300 with our 08 busa with no eng mods whatsoever. What ae you looking for?
  9. 2k12r


    have you reoved th secondary throttle plates yet? That is by far the biggest noticeable free mod you can do and wow does it make it run. I have seen/ made some good hp out of the 14.
  10. 2k12r


    woodcraft sliders are right/left specific. if you mix them up one bolt is too long and bottoms against the engine and cause thread damage .
  11. did the base line today, and will probably finish it up tomm. afternoon , #'s look good so far and running correctly now after some tlc ..... plan on having to change a few things mechanicaly before the TD. i will elaborate more when we talk. Jerry
  12. 2k12r

    CCS questions

    you get to park in the infield and mingle with all the racers if you like. I dont think the outer bleachers will be open so you have to hang on the fence line to watch or they have a small bleacher section on the infield. Yes you may bring your own coolers in. see ya there...
  13. 2k12r


    I gotta quite tuning the competition or get a few secrets of my own or i am not gonna be able to catch any of you...
  14. 2k12r


    oh yeah , Kevin use caution listening to GNO, he is the slow guy ......... on a fast bike