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  1. Congrats on the new bike. When i had mine, i tagged along to bixby and back with Todd filming....
  2. i have the one made by battery tender. it is bigger than cell phone size like that but still small and light overall. i use mine mostly out of the water, to either powe/recharge cell phone, gps, camera etc. one day i actually used it to jump start my boat on the water, and then had to jump my truck when i returned to the boat ramp bc i had left the switch on while checking my trailer lights. It comes with the led light, alligator clips for the battery, 110 wall charger, and 12v lighter outlet charger. only has 1 usb port though.
  3. 02 Magna

    2017 Supercross

    i found it kinda funny that Roczen is on team Honda this year, and Canard is on Ktm. like they swapped from last season
  4. 02 Magna

    2017 Supercross

    they said he had a sore shoulder from an earlier practice crash. if that was the real reason i dont know?
  5. 02 Magna

    2017 Supercross

    i thought that was weird and different from previous years. i wonder why they changed it?
  6. it is fast enough to satisfy my need to "twist a throttle". more exciting on smaller narrower, shallower waters, just like twisties on a bike. no one ever believes me when i say i dont ever fish. i just enjoy being out on the river. all of those sections of river are about 5-10 mins from the house, so i know them very well, but the river is always changing. i always put in and then go upriver and then come back down. just in case i breakdown and have to troll or paddle back to the boatramp
  7. here is another video from yesterday. she was flying, i hit 28.6mph at one point going down river.
  8. i got this thing dirt cheapi have done nothing but work on this boat since ive had it. then i bought a lot of 3 jetskis of the same year as back up parts supply. that has already come in handy as i have a pump housing crack to pieces on my. i just swapped the whole unit out from one of the spare skis and i am back up and running. i picked up an extra 5mph going upriver. a 25% power increase was very noticable. this thing flies now and gets on plane almost right away
  9. Thanks, whoever built this one was pretty smart and built a well thought out boat for what it is. The boat itself is a 1985 Landau model 1247fp. At its widest point i measured 44.5" at the top. the early stock js550's were prob only putting out about 35 hp, my motor actually has a smaller 440 aluminum cylinder block and head, but that is another story and is prob putting out less than 35 hp. For an outboard jet, you lose a certain % of hp to the nature of the jet pump. so a 25hp outboard motor with a jet pump instead of a propeller, is actually 18 hp or a 25/18 as you might see referred to as. also 60/40hp motors are common. you dont necessarily need a huge motor to get on plane, but a bigger motor will get you up faster and with more weight on board. i think you are right wider is better or easier to get on plane with. yes that was on the Meramec, going upriver from allenton toward pacific palisades. hwy ff that you always take out of eureka to bixby, is beyond those trees on the left side of the first video
  10. since i sold my Grom, i needed another toy and i found this: I got a 12' flat bottom jon boat, that has been modified and powered by a kawasaki js550 2-stroke jetski motor and jet pump. It has stick steering with a squeeze grip throttle. it will run about 20mph upriver and 25mph down river. once on plane, it will run in inches of water. if you watch the videos you can see the water go from green to orange brown looking and you can see the individual rocks.
  11. we were trying to see some through out the night at work. when i got home i sat out back for a while and finally saw 3 of them. im guessing their frequency had died down by that point.
  12. thanks. we will see how long i can hold on to my $$$ before i buy a jet boat lol
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