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  1. I have a black set at a buddy's house in Washington, MO. Since I'm not really on this forum much, email me: mike at easylakeliving dot com
  2. UPDATED $90 from a STLAR member.
  3. FIRSTGEAR Kenya XL Black My dad is selling this jacket that he only wore a handful of times. He sold his bike years ago, and it has been sitting in the closet since. It is in pretty much new condition. He said it was very warm and stopped the wind. It has some padding and a zip out liner. Here it is on Craigslist with a full description. It was $265 new, and he is asking $130. For now, he will take $90 from a STLAR member. He lives in St. Charles and works in Westport Plaza, so he can meet at either location. Please PM me or email through Craigslist if interested. Thanks! Mike PS: I hope all is well with all my old friends on STLAR. I haven't been around much since graduating from college and starting a business. Sold my bike a year ago since I was moving to Kansas City and into a condo... I couldn't bear to keep my baby outside. A good friend from WashMO bought it.
  4. My 12 year old yellow lab, Troy, would appreciate your vote. He has some medical bills to cover! http://www.cutestdogcompetition.com/vote.c...87BBB1055B2D0BD Thank you! PS: You are able to vote once every 24 hours.
  5. What are they going to take next? Our Guns? Oh, wait... that is already in progress. :1hifu:
  6. I just got back from Breck! Great time! I was there during a very cold week. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikehutchison...57611436873678/
  7. My parents gave me a BlendTec for XMas.... I haven't tried anything but food yet this is my favorite video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdD54rG9oQA...feature=channel
  8. If I remember correctly, DISH went through this a few years back but settled before the deadline.... this one sounds like it may happen.
  9. Everyone want to pitch in and get a billboard?
  10. I've never had a problem with soaking them with soap and water. You could probably get them off easier if you had a good coat of wax on the bike to begin with. Stains really soak into dry paint.
  11. I won't comment on the bank or auto bailout, b/c I have mixed opinions on those. BUT the gov't telling eHarmony to let gay people use the site, which forces them to launch a new site, is total BS! This is a completely different kind of gov't intervention. I don't go to Taco Bell and sue because they won't give me a hamburger because I am white. Well... I was born White and had no control over that, but this woman suing eHarmony because she chose to be... nevermind, that's a different topic.
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