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  1. Here she is. 7738 miles. dealer installed factory Euro headlight with full Rizoma bar assembly. GYTR carbon slip-on. New P/R2 rear tire. runs great. a few of you seen her awhile back on a bixby run. it is a head turner for surer. I'm asking $6500 cash. I have title in hand. Call me at 618-580-3590 if you have any questions. ask for Tony. .
  2. Hey, my son is looking to take a nice leasurly ride to Eminence from Belleville. He may be two up, I'm not sure. Does anyone have a good route they could send me so I can print it out for him. I've been off a bike for so long, I cant even remember how to get there. One of those cool "Hi Lited" maps would be great. I appriciate any help.
  3. Hey, Its Tony! I hope some of you remember me. I know Mike and Dom will, and I already ran into Erin and heard the Great news. Congrats to you two! I went "cruising" for awhile, but I got that out of my system, so I just baught this 08' FZ1N with 5,000 miles on it and it is AWSOME! We are moving back to Belleville from the Farmington area, so I will be able to hit some rides this year. I still need to find a job since Ameren forced a lay-off for almost our entire company at Christmas. There is just no work down here, so back to Belleville. I hope I have better luck up there. Well here she is! The guy I baught it from had the whole front end Rizoma'd out. Bars, risers, grips, bar ends and mirrors. Very cool! And yes, the mirrors are absolutely useless I hope to meet up with you guys this summer. I should be up in that area by the middle of June.
  4. Times are tough and i have to part with my 4x8 Olhausen table. It's 3 years old, black and red and comes with all the expected extras. This was a $5000.00 table 3 years ago and I'm asking $2500. The high top table in the background is included also. The two cues on the table are not included. It does come with a complete set of graphite cues, a shorty cue and a bridge and a rack that is in the background. pm me if you need more info.
  5. I'm selling my Roadstar as times are getting tough and hours are getting cut at work. It has 6000 miles, runs great and has lots of extra cruiser stuff. I'm asking $8500.00 pm. me if ya know anyone interested in a great bike! Thanks, Tony
  6. Well now that Tracey got her tank signed I need toget it clear coated. Since I have no painting experience i was wondering if it could be done over the OEM plastic with no real prep other than a gentle wiping down. Also any suggestions of where to take it. This is VERY important to Tracey so I need someone who is really good and knowledgeable. This bike is her baby and she really wants it done right as do I. Thanks, Tony
  7. Here is her tank! Vale signed it in silver so it looks really cool! And my hat!
  8. Most of you don\\\'t know me but the old timers do. The wife just got back from Laguna and got some good pics as well as getting her 50th anniversary tank signed by Vale! Here\\\'s a few; Kenny Roberts Whats up with the hair! Here\\\'s the inside of Vale paddock garage! off limits and a big no no to be in there! Last year it was John Hopkins, this year she was chillin with Colin Edwards! Vales car while at Laguna!
  9. Hey Mike, I know this might sound obvious, but, it sounds alot like carpal tunnel. I had the exact problem in my right hand due to dealing on the Casino Queen for three years. I had surgery and the pain went away. And speaking from someone with alot of hand problem experience, I can't say enough posative things about the hand docs at Barnes hospital. They did my carpal tunnel surgery as well as all the surgeries on my left hand, going above and behond the call of duty to try and save my finger. Most people don't realize CT syndrome can cause pain all the way up to your shoulder, so it can be dismissed as something else. Just thaught I'd share a little advise. I hope everything works out.
  10. Nice ride Jesse! Now maybe I'll have someone to ride the couch with.....oops that didn't come out right .... I mean ride cruiser style, comfortable bikes that are like couches in fact thats what i call mine,"the couch"!
  11. I can personally second that! I got rid of my gixxer 1k because i was twisting the throttle to much and got the roadstar. While i might be riding slower, it handles like crap, brakes like crap and scrapes all the time. Am i safer, i don't really think so. I miss my gixxer really bad, so think about it before you do something you might regret later!
  12. Class of 1981. Yes I used to have hair! I haven't changed that much!
  13. This is what she looked like when I showed her to you last time! And with a few add-ons like bags, backrest, windshield, highway bars, cruiser pegs, a cobra 2 into 1 power pro exhaust, and my favorite, Handle bars from an 06' springer softail a friend gave to me! Pic is posed. I still wear gear when riding! She might not corner like she's on rails, but she still puts a smile on my face everytime i ride her, and thats what counts to me! O and Tracey has been looking at some 600's for me cause she knows I still miss hittin the twisties, so, ya never know! I have no need or desire for another litre so a 600 would be just fine with me.
  14. I've noticed the big red spiders all over the place. I have three hanging from the deck. I haven't killed them because Ihave also noticed a lack of moths and other flying pests. We encountered these down in Luisiana, now these are spiders! Banana spider!
  15. Sometimes newer isn't always better. I'd take my old 06' 1k over any of the new litre's. Actually I'll probably be picking up a 600 for next year. Not sure which one yet. Call me crazy, but I'm really liking this new R6!
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