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  1. amcquinn86

    Wheels for sale

    New Mustang wheels and New tires Toyota FJ wheels Lincoln SUV wheels & tires Subaru WRX stock wheels & tires Mercedes S-Class wheels & tires Jeep wheels & tires Also available Escalade, Suburban, BMW, Ford SUV, & many more. PM if looking for something specific. I will update with more wheels as I get pictures uploaded on craigslist. All items located in Maplewood. Andrew
  2. amcquinn86

    Pocket Bike $50

    Generic Chinese pocket bike, has been sitting for awhile. I'd like to get it out of my dad's garage ASAP. Fifty bucks takes it. This is one of the bigger ones; it has turn signals, electric start, brake/tail lights, etc. It definitely needs work to run and get the lights to work. Would be a great project for a mechanically-minded young person or powered bar stool project. No pictures, sorry. amcquinn86 (AT) gmail (dot)com or PM if interested. Thanks Andrew
  3. amcquinn86

    Garmin GPS streetpilot 2610

    Ray, have you had any problems with your GPS not loading the maps after displaying the startup blue screen? My StreetPilot 2720 is behaving this way. I'm tempted to try to reload the software, but since I don't use Windows I haven't tested this to see if it changes anything. At any rate, I'm not too pleased with the 2720, as it barely lasted a year before it started dropping signals and then finally quit booting up altogether.
  4. amcquinn86

    ice storm

    Cool Pic!
  5. amcquinn86

    Squid goes to court

    Squid Douche
  6. I bought a pair of JVC Marshmallows yesterday for $20 at Walmart. The rubber is foam like an earplug, and they insert far enough to not be a problem in my helmet. They are the best solution for cheap earplugs I've found, you just have to roll the foam in your fingers to compress it, then pull up on your ear when you put them in, as you would a normal earplug and they are snug.
  7. Ever heard of this place they're trying to get built? It's another country club style track like Autobahn. Think this will ever take off? 15k preconstruction fee, 20k postconstruction membership fee, and 2k a year after that. Kansas City International Motorsports
  8. amcquinn86

    How much tread needed to ride safely?

    I really am liking the Pilot Roads on my SV. I have 1500 miles on them so far with no noticeable wear (still showing nipples on the front). On a bike like the SV, with some commuting in mind, I see no reason to go to the added grip and increased wear you'll have running Pilot Powers. Sport Bike Track Gear has them for $240 shipped in the sizes you want.
  9. amcquinn86

    Carburetor tuning SV650

    Terry, Do you have any advice on a manometer? (Not referring to Paul's rating system when he's at the bar) Motionpro? Carbtune? fluid or steel rod? digital? I don't want to spend too much (2 carb models available?)
  10. amcquinn86

    Carburetor tuning SV650

    The SV was running like crap, so I decided it was time to (finally) clean the carbs. While I was at it I decided to address some improvements, mostly taken from this guy's site: Link After removing the brass plugs, I set the A/F mixture to 2 turns out, and moved the top washer shim on the main needle to the underside (to fatten midrange- it's very clear on the above link). This caused the bike to "feel" similar to what I am used to, however after spending a few rides watching the tach more closely I realized it still was a lot slower in revving through 4k-7k RPM. From 7k-9k it would pull hard again, then sort of drop off right at 9k. Now, after 8 rides and 8 carb removals/adjustments/replacements the bike is pulling like nothing I've ever felt on the SV. No more upshifting and losing the sweet spot and waiting for it to start pulling before. Now it just rips no matter the gear, or the load. Even in 3rd I can roll on the throttle from 40 mph and it will not get bogged down. As an added bonus, no more popping on decel, as the SVs are known for. It never really bothered me before, but the bike definitely sounds mechanically more proper with just the deep rumble and no popping. For those (few) with first gens, the setup I ended up with is 2 shims under the needle, 2.5 turns on the A/F. Stock jets still, but I just have a slip-on. Long story short, the bike feels better than brand new at no cost, other than some carb cleaner and time. It was a lot simpler than I thought as well. I've cleaned the carbs before, but never messed with any adjustments. Even lacking a garage, it didn't take that long and if you are careful you shouldn't have any problems. Bear in mind I'm far from an expert- I just followed the above instructions and read some carb theory websites, then used my highly calibrated seat of the pants dyno. It may not be actually making any more power, but now that it comes on anytime I demand it, it sure feels like another 20 horsepower. Hope this might be of use to another SV rider.
  11. amcquinn86


    That place is awesome. I wonder if you've waited on me before?
  12. amcquinn86

    Congrats Koby!

    Congrats Koby! Named the lil guy after Nicky? That's awesome. Time to get a fiddy until he's old enough to fit it.
  13. amcquinn86

    Photos from rides around NE Missouri

    Godddammmit NO! I need to get out of here soon. This town is okay sometimes, but it has plenty of problems, and I'd gladly give it up to be able to make the rides with you guys on the beautiful tarmac of South Missouri. I'm working on relocating to STL this summer still actually to get away for a bit. When's the next meeting??? The 19th?
  14. Thought I'd post some of the more interesting photos I've taken up here this spring: Lone tree on the prairie: Donations welcome! Round Barn outside of town. Twice a year this place has an awesome Blues festival. Great music, and a really cool building for shows. "The barn is sixty-four feet in diameter and sixty-four feet high with a self-supporting ceiling. The upper floor has over 3200 square feet of performance area, with the lower level being utilized as a concession area complete with Hickory Smoked Ribs, BBQ Beef, Burgers, Fries and the locally famous "MO' Taters" www.roundbarnblues.com Fucking ants. I have no idea what caused these things to congregate in my tail section. Last I rode was two days ago, and they weren't there. Today when I took the cover off the bike, which sits outside, and they were everywhere on the tail. Honda cleaner kills ants fortunately, but I still wonder why they climbed in there. Saw this pony about 10 feet from the edge of the road, not fenced in or tied up. Now, I'm used to dodging dogs out in the country, but not horses, even wee ones. Definitely did a double take for a second. The eldest boy was showing the others how to lay barbed wire. He couldn't have been more than 16 and they were 6-10, yet all working cheerfully. Amish / Mennonite children absolutely love bikes- they all stop working and just stare and wave as you go by. I didn't see their dog however, and came about 3" from it catching the front of the rear tire as it attacked. Meanwhile, the father was plowing the fields. Four horsepower, oh yeah! Always remember, SHARE THE ROAD Later. Andrew
  15. amcquinn86


    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one