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  1. Yep. Still dead great memories of the past for sure.
  2. The Forum offers much more of an organized way for a club to operate but Facebook certainly reaches deeper to share a members life with family and friends. Integration or smart linking of the two needs to be fulfilled someway. Thats reality. Club members and users should be sure to link as much activity from FB to the site. Make it easy. Why is there not a portal from Facebook to go into web forums? We know why. I am surprised FB doesn’t have a platform that is more like web forums. Maybe they do and I’m too old to know that. Some did not embrace the computer for the newspaper or magazine. Reality is now.... they all but have died to some degree.
  3. Rise n Shine. Time to get the long johns on. See you all. Here comes the wallered out Sportbike711.
  4. Did this project die or make completion?
  5. if its a new law you can search and find it out online.
  6. Ok. maybe change your thread title to include " sold". thanks, Tyrell
  7. I'll buy it if it aint all wallered out
  8. I need to get these on my calendar. I miss the hot wings and most of you Terry B we need to knee drag on the V Stroms soon. 10,660 post since 2004.. geeze.. I wish I had that time back in life ..
  9. All are ready for a tricycle ride... hope ya’ll can catch up.
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