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  1. I told Terry I would think about making the meeting but if that is the show I may pass?
  2. Man it must be home coming week. Maybe it is the full moon?
  3. rexarmy


    Well broke out the old laptop so we will see if this works? Has a little work done to her and she likes to run. It is not bike fast but when she is wide open it is hard to beat the sound of a push rod motor.
  4. rexarmy


    I working on the same thing. 1977 T/A with 1920 miles that's cool. I'm trying to get my 2002 WS6 posted. I know it is not and old car but it is the last year of the T/A. It has low mile but not as low as yours. I'm at 28,000 miles. I will get her up probably tomorrow.
  5. I had an evo before my 4s and the damns thing shut off every day about a thousand times a day. I just did not like the fact the some stuff worked with this phone or pad but would not work with that brand of phone. They both have pluses and minuses.
  6. Im just putting this out to see if anyone has a set of these carbs? Have the bike and thinking about maybe selling the bike.
  7. It must just be this iPad. I have to double click everything. It is not a big deal and thought I would ask. I always said I would not get any apple shit but I did get the pad and the more I use it the more it like it. It is cool that when you are looking at certain things you can zzzoooooooom in.
  8. I have been trying to figure out if I can make the next meeting. I'm helping woody work on his Cobra on his days off and it has been slow.
  9. rexarmy


    These days I have a couple of other hobbies beside riding so I have to try and spread the little that I make around.
  10. rexarmy


    It's tall grass.
  11. We will put it like this someone had to be around to name dirt.
  12. Also forgot to say that the place looks nice!
  13. When you sat hanging post are you talking about how you have to double click on each post to open it? That is probably one of the issues I'm having. It's not a big deal. Sometimes this apple shit does piss me off.
  14. rexarmy


    I feel your pain. Us older guys have to try and get some new tech every now and then so some young f cker does not come along and say man you still using a Nextel brick phone.
  15. rexarmy


    Not hacked just walkIng through the tall grass of the old stomping grounds.
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