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  1. Very easy fix for that, make the names of the DOJ available to the police department and put a agent in each hotspot to observe the protesting have them wear body cameras with audio.
  2. The only way healthcare will be fixed in this country is to make it the same for everybody, case in point back in 2007 when I had my motorcycle crash spent 4 days in the hospital surgery on my left knee and the bill was $17,000. I had United healthcare at the time the predetermined price they would pay for the time and procedure was $3850, I paid 1200 out of my own pocket. so they took off roughly $12,000 off of my bill since I had insurance, if I didn't have insurance I would have received a bill for $17,000. I know when I drink Bush beer I will have a bad case of the Obama next morning :-)
  3. The best way to argue politics is on the facts, very few people do that. My beliefs are pretty simple, limited government, personal accountability, help the needy, the lazy people can jump off a cliff.
  4. Just so you know I am an Atheist Libertarian :-) I have known for years both Republicans and Democrats are the same, both parties had the same agenda just different pathways to get there. Funny thing is never took me 6 years to clean the shit off the lid so I could go, bottom line Obama has not a clue on what he is doing even the Democrats distanced themselves from him. Healthcare law is the biggest joke ever, would have been cheaper to get the 50 million people without health insurance pay flexible spending debit card with $1 million on it only to be used for medical purposes.
  5. I find it laughable at best that people even after 6 years of Obama, whereas he had complete control without any intervention from the Republicans that people still blame Bush.
  6. I remember not long ago here in the US Congress declared war not the President. Love how people still blame Bush after 6 years, the US is been going downhill since the 50s. Now back to the original post Nancy Pelosi is my hero :-)
  7. As most of you know I lean towards the socialism in politics, Nancy Pelosi is one of my heroes her work is nothing short of a miracle! The statements she makes in this video are probably some of the best statements in the last five years in regards to John Gruber. Keep up the great work Nancy!
  8. Al Gore is not a scientist, those publications take grant money from the government. There are over 30,000+ weather stations around the world, the so-called scientific community and the professor who made up the hockey stick theory only use around 6000 of those weather stations for their data. I know fourth-grade math has been a long time ago but in order to figure in average you would need to use all of them and not the ones that are cherry picked to give you the data you want. Lots of those temperature stations are at airports, I am not a scientist but I do know huge amounts of tarmac will heat up when it is sunny out. The other problem I have is carbon credits, basically what it means you can release all the CO2 you want as long as you pay the government! As with anything with an agenda all you have to do is follow the money. Now I do agree with climate change, yesterday it was 37° and today it is 31° so that is a change of 6°.
  9. I figured out one thing I was doing wrong with the Go Pro, normally I transfer video files from the card to my computer to work on later but noticed when I do that my computer automatically puts it in a.MOV file instead of a MP4 file. Uploading a video now where I took the file right from the card into Cyber Link Power Director 12 and it maintained the MP4 file. Going to upload to YouTube and Vimeo and see what it looks like.
  10. You can change the setting on YouTube from 240 P to 1080 P or whatever the video was uploaded in, change the setting on the resolution and you can see a difference in the video.
  11. Vimeo will play in 720 P HD all the time, where YouTube will not unless you change the setting on the player it starts out in 480 P.
  12. So I finally bought a Go Pro 3, the gimbal on my quad-copter was designed for that specific camera because of the weight. I have learned to get the best video quality of a Go Pro you need to use their editing software to edit the video, when I use my other editing software the video is not as good. Same video shot in 720 P 60 FPS.
  13. Video with the camera mounted outside my car going into the sunlight and out.
  14. Actually does a lot better mounted out in the open, has a tripod screw on the bottom of the camera so any mount you have could work. Also has a Gyro in it so can be mounted upside down and the video will still be upright in the normal position.
  15. Smaller camera shoots 1080 P video. http://dimikacamera.com/ Video with the camera.
  16. I have only used it a few times still like new. Believe it or not looking to get a Go Pro 3 for my quad-copter so I am selling off some of my cameras. I have a bunch of keychain cameras as well that recording HD contact me for more details. Link to the Contour camera for sale. http://www.amazon.com/ContourROAM-Waterproof-Hands-free-Camcorder-Watersport/dp/B007W02PRM/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1413469779&sr=8-12&keywords=contour+camera Mike i
  17. The quad has a built-in GPS and compass so it remembers where it took off from, 2 options on the radio to engage it. Failsafe option before takeoff you can set to hover if it loses radio signal or return to home if it loses signal that is automatic. Once it reaches 1000 m away it would do whatever choice you made, the other option of returning a home you can engage at any time. On the video I posted I do not know if it hits the range limit and comes back home or when I manually flipped the switch.
  18. I was definitely scared :-)
  19. I was in a state of panic because I could not control it and before I knew it it was way way far away :-) I'm just glad that return to home worked like it did.
  20. So I learned a valuable lesson this morning do not attempt to fly before a storm hits, my quad-copter flew on its own for about a quarter of a mile until I hit the return to home switch. Lost complete control at the 30 sec. mark. Started spinning in circles when it was caught in the high wind thought it was going to keep flying away and I am like there goes $700. Glad it made its way back home!
  21. Mayday Mayday I'm going down :-) might be fast enough to film on a motorcycle
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