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  1. Tyrell, who ya headed out there with? I'm interested if ya'll have room......flying I assume? Have room for one more?
  2. Have to make a "pit" stop, clean clothes, family time, etc. I am headed to Tahoe now.......gonna duck hunt in Sacremento today/tomorrow morning then it's off to board. Let me know on the firm dates for H.V. and I will try to make it out, is it still just a sheer piece of ice or have they gotten better "snow machines"?
  3. Love to snowboard.......and living in MO kinda sucks when it comes to that, have board will travel!
  4. I'm headed to Tahoe Dec 15-19, Jackson Hole Wyoming Feb 2-6 and Aspen Feb 9-14!
  5. How big are the tires on the trailer?
  6. Any suggestions on where to buy pilot powers these days? Either on the web on local business?
  7. RIP........hopefully Bob and Sharon find some peace in this tragedy.
  8. I am indeed........thanks!
  9. Today was awesome....man I have missed the track!
  10. Thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.
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