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  1. draginpegs

    2013 CBR 600rr

    H2 SX SE if a get a chance to find one!!
  2. draginpegs

    2013 CBR 600rr

    2013 CBR 600rr HRC colors Red White and Blue 68xx miles, garage kept. Has marks in the decals from trailer tip-over. All Stock and ready to roll.... or race $7399 obo Consigned at JMP Cycle 618-255-6116 Chuck
  3. Anyone have a picture of a Pace Kawasaki t-shirt? In the late 70’s this small shop in Edwardsville was building ground breaking drag bikes. Terry Vance and Byron Hines of Vance and Hines worked with them on many projects. I have a friend that has an original Pace KZ1000 and needs a pic of the shirt.
  4. Bikes are READY. But I'm working Sunday.
  5. draginpegs

    My first Kawi!

    Thanks Steve from all of us at JMP Cycle Kawasaki. That is an awesome Sport Touring bike. We look forward to hearing where it takes you. Come On Summer!!! Or at least warmer weather.
  6. draginpegs

    Kawasaki dealer recommends

    It Looks AWESOME.
  7. draginpegs

    O'Reilly's for the win.

    Just my luck Backordered.....
  8. draginpegs

    O'Reilly's for the win.

    Just ordered 2 of these: https://www.oreillyauto.com/flux-capacitor That should make the Z125 more fun!
  9. We are going to try to make part of this ride. Coming from the East side, we may meet up somewhere along the route rather than make a 60 mile ride to the starting point at St Peters. The River Road is much nicer then 270/70.
  10. draginpegs

    Happy Birthday Steven (SprintST)

    Happy Birthday.
  11. draginpegs

    Finally got out today.

    Unbelievable, I don't see why people return there to buy again.
  12. draginpegs

    Kawasaki dealer recommends

    Janitor!!!! I must of got a promotion!!!!! Hope it comes with a pay check. We have a H2 SX SE with the extras ordered (larger windshield, heated grips, launch control, quick shifter cruise control, turn lights, etc) But we can get either model. 618-255-6116 And I think we have met at STAR a couple times.
  13. draginpegs


    Concours 14 for the win. I don't always ride, but when I do it's Green I'm older than Todd. (Not God)
  14. draginpegs


    That Gold Wing was doing OK. I got passed by a Yellow GL1800 on the Dragon once long ago. I think he was "Yellow Wolf" on Youtube. Rode it everyday!!
  15. draginpegs

    Finally got out today.

    What are you getting to replace Blue????