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  1. 2018 Z900rs in today

    We got our first Z900rs in brown and orange. Test rides start at $11,199. Looking is always free..
  2. SHOW

    2018 Z900rs MSRP $11,199
  3. SHOW

    Vintage Z1 for sale $16,000
  4. SHOW

    Pappy's websites says they are CLOSED Saturday and Sunday We will be there at the Kawasaki booth, and there will be a Z900RS, but No H2 SX
  5. Resurrection

    Welcome. Great to see someone riding the Z900 a great bike for sure
  6. Motorcycle industry in trouble

    With low motorcycle sales numbers, and big box stores selling parts and accessories at below invoice prices. How can we expect to see a small local shop stay open. On warranty work? Please! You never make any money on that. FLAT rate is nearly impossible to meet. So enjoy the online shopping soon that is all there will be. Sorry, off my soap box
  7. NINJA 400

    I'm sure someone will....
  8. NINJA 400

    The Pearl Yellow with Pearl Storm Gray and Black looks great. The Black and Plasma Blue are re-used colors from the Ninja 300. The Green and Black is the Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT edition) colors and as always cost more $$. BNG Excited about riding these when they come in.
  9. 2018 H2 pre order window

    Kawasaki just reminded me: The pre-order window for the 2018 Kawasaki H2 ends November 30, 2017. As if I need one of those. Now availble the Ergo-Fit bar risers: https://www.kawasaki.com/Accessories/Vehicle/ZX1000XJF/999940939
  10. 2016 zx-6 NEW SOLD and GONE

    Update buyer from Chicago unable to arrange shipping/pick-up!
  11. 2016 zx-6 NEW SOLD and GONE

    JMP Cycle Kawasaki has a 2016 ZX-6 Black Needs to GO $7999. plus 7.5% IL sales tax and $85 Doc fee

    That looks like a ZRX in the Canyon Dancer picture. Still a favorite after all these years!!
  13. Your first bike

    Which lead to this in the garage: And YES that was/is my garage. I'm a sick individual..
  14. Your first bike

    Bought it NEW in April1985, wife left in May of 1985. It was a GREAT summer! Then in 1990 I found the 1986 Concours still on the dealers showroom floor. Not a great seller.
  15. Random ride photos

    This was last September in Moab, UT Wish I had a dirt bike with us. It was 1265 miles 2 days. That is the wife's Ninja 1000 peeking out from behind mine. She is TUFF.