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  1. sorry, road runner. didn't see your post. yes, i've sold my motorcycle. might get something later, but for now i've stopped.
  2. $50. Contact info is below.
  3. Very handy bike stand. Adjustable to fit any size front tire. $50. Contact info is in my profile.
  4. Purchased in 2007. Has never been down or dropped. Comes with a smoke shield as well as a clear shield shown in the photo. $100. Contact info is in my profile.
  5. yes, i still have it contact info is on my profile if you're interested
  6. Has been sitting in my basement, so it has not been exposed to temperature extremes.
  7. both have been spoken for already. sorry.
  8. $75 each. Pit Bull S/S Rear Stand Pit Bull Front Stand
  9. hmm. will be signing the paperwork on my new bike there thursday.
  10. $100. From the collector back. Will post pics later.
  11. $100. Will post pics later. Were only on the bike for 7k miles.
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