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  1. natnaz

    MotoGP 2019

    That was an awesome race. Those KTM’s
  2. natnaz

    Ride Aug 11th

    Well we didn’t get rained on 😎 Great seeing everyone. Ben I’m glad you decided to join the ride. Your retro ride looks cool. Everyone be safe and happy 😆
  3. natnaz

    Ride Aug 11th

    Hopefully next time.
  4. natnaz

    Ride Aug 11th

    I’m going
  5. We shall ride to Hermann, Mo Meet at Eureka Time is at 8:00 KSU@ 8:30 Hope to see a few of yous out there 😀😎
  6. natnaz

    ride this weekend?

    Bixby 😳 I was thinking more like a Hermann ride. Meet earlier and be done by 1:00. Of course this might not be ideal for everyone.
  7. natnaz

    ride this weekend?

    Sunday i can ride. But i have to stay close to home.
  8. natnaz

    Thank you

    Congrats and it is my pleasure too to have met you. Good luck
  9. natnaz

    Matte finishes on bikes

    I had a silver zx10 for a few months and just sold it yesterday. However I think Matt color doesn't show scratches as much regular paint and you can't wax them. So that means less maintenance to me. But my experience is very limited. Sorry
  10. natnaz

    Ride Sunday - Jun 30, 2019

    Ladies and Gems, it was great seeing everyone. You won't have any idea how good it was for me to get out and ride again. Specially after not being able to ride for a few months.Hope to do it again soon. Wish you all the best and get home safe.
  11. natnaz

    Dainese Smart Jacket

    I requested to be notified when it’s available.
  12. natnaz

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    On the plus side you had to change the rear tire soon anyway!
  13. natnaz

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    We had a chilly and gloomy start. But it ended up to be an awesome day. Today I realized how much i have missed riding. Thanks to all that showed up and shared the tide with me.
  14. natnaz

    Bixbi bound Sunday the 28

    At the meet spot