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  1. It was a pleasure riding with you all. 😎
  2. I know this is motogp. But come on man these bikes are looking more like space rockets than motorcycles.
  3. Well Paul didn’t fly too far. But it was great seeing paul and Galen. Despite salt,gravel and mudd it still was a fantastic day. Eric it was nice meeting and riding with you. As always Dave set out great routes.
  4. Nothing that a good wash won't cure.
  5. I found out where this road is located at: Swiss Sustenpass
  6. This is a nice riding area.
  7. natnaz

    MotoGP 2020

    Are you guys flying or driving to Austin?
  8. I shall check it out. There are a few good documentaries on Amazon prime. Let’s hope this year we ride more often than being indoors and watching movies.
  9. Congrats on the birth of your 1st grandkid. Wish you healthy future.
  10. We sure did. There’s always next time.
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