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  1. natnaz

    Need some new gloves

    I just ordered the battery operated Tourmaster Gloves. They are a little pricier than average Gloves but heats up all through the hand. Tourmaster Synergy 7.4v Heated Leather https://www.tourmaster.com/synergy_7_4v
  2. natnaz

    Need some new gloves

    Held Everdry are reasonable and good quality.
  3. natnaz

    Ride Sunday Oct.7 ?????

    Same here.
  4. natnaz

    I have returned

    Welcome back.
  5. natnaz

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    R6 😂
  6. natnaz

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    Happy birthday Todd.
  7. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    Chocolate mint. Yummy 😋
  8. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    Thank you all for joining me for an Epic ride today. Wouldn’t change a moment of the whole day. See you all soon
  9. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    Heading towards the meet spot.
  10. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    It’s 52 and chilli. But it feels good 😄
  11. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    Thanks for the info Mike. From Hermann back we might have to skip 94.
  12. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    Ed i'm not trying to be funny but i thought you change Motorcycles before you have to do an oil change. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
  13. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    See you sunday at the meet spot.
  14. natnaz

    Happy Birthday Morbo

    Happy Birthday Jason.
  15. natnaz

    Sunday 9-23

    That’s something that Dave our Trekker would know.