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  1. natnaz

    Happy Birthday WhatARush

    Happy birthday Dave!
  2. natnaz


    Today i was changing my oil and filter and for the first time ( for me) I couldn’t get the filter loose to get it off. As usual I started panicking and thought of a thousand different scenarios that I won’t be able to do it. But mother google came to help and i got it loose enough to take it off.
  3. natnaz

    My first Kawi!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Kawi family.
  4. natnaz

    Happy Birthday JJ

    Yeah JJ likes to be around guys in leathers. Happy Birthday buddy.
  5. natnaz

    Sunday the 18 th

    I don’t have any heated gear so I’m out. You guys have fun.
  6. natnaz

    Sunday the 18 th

    I am starting Monday.
  7. natnaz

    Sunday the 18 th

    Why not!
  8. natnaz

    Happy Birthday Steven (SprintST)

    Happy birthday! Get yourself a gift:
  9. natnaz

    Stlar Meeting

    I had a great time. Wished i could have chatted with everyone.
  10. natnaz

    Hare Scrambles

    It seem so challenging and fun. I like this kind of racing more than the Arena ones.
  11. natnaz

    Happy Birthday Albert!!!

    Happy birthday.
  12. natnaz

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    Made it back home. It was great seeing everyone. Nice meeting you (New Chris).
  13. natnaz

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    No worries JJ. Hopefully there be some 75 degrees days in may so you can come and play
  14. natnaz

    Sunday ride 03/04/18

    Todd, you know it’s not a straight line from Washington to Hermann. I Have to ask our Pathfinder to come up with an awesome route for tomorrow.
  15. natnaz

    Picked up the FZ-10

    Thats a nice R1! You should ride it to Hermann tomorrow.