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  1. Good job Galen. Did the young man watch and learn?
  2. Not to start “what oil to use tread” but I think you can stay with the full synthetic Motul that was your first oil changed with.
  3. I would help you with it. But i live in Washington. Hopefully someone that lives closer will help.
  4. Welcome. Isn’t Calamari a form of Squid? 😎
  5. I had a fantastic time today. From beginning to end. See you all next time
  6. It’s my niece’s first marriage. If it was her second one then I would say it isn’t an important one 😊
  7. Saturday 6/10 I’m attending a wedding. However I might ride that way on Sunday and ride back Tuesday with JJ
  8. Hi Pat, Hope you’re doing great. Never did the drag racing but looks like it’s fun to do. Are you still riding?
  9. It was family time for me in a car. Happy Easter
  10. Hey ,if i see you tomorrow i will buy you a cupcake.😁 Happy Birthday Buddy.
  11. After the meet spot we went towards Burbon. Then on to Hwy E and Purdy’s restaurant. It was my first time there and it is good. I had the chicken fingers and it tasted fresh made. Some people had the big fat juicy burgers which was too big to eat and then get on a sports bike😊 i had a great time and James your Beast looks awesome .
  12. I shall be there. We can decide as where to go at the meet spot.
  13. I’m out of town. But if i get back in time then I’ll ride with you 😊
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