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  1. I would have liked to make this trip but ended up in New York instead. so I would love to go to Austin with you guys next year. Do you own the camper or was it a rental? yamaha xSR900 has my FJ09 engine and it’s a lively one. I still like my ZX10 though. Thanks for posting the pics and videos. 🤘😀
  2. So how was the trip? No one posted anything about it?
  3. natnaz


    I think a few fellow riders have had a Matt or satin color bikes. I was wondering how you guys clean and protect the finish. Thanks
  4. I'm jealous! Have a fun and safe trip everyone. Like Barry said maybe next year.
  5. natnaz


    I just got done watching The Flying Dutchmen on Amazon prime. Really good road trip motorcycle documentaries movie.
  6. natnaz

    Sunday March 17

    Be safe. I think we are going to Hermann today.
  7. natnaz

    Sunday March 17

    Barry, i will see you at the meet spot tomorrow. If it’s just you and i riding tomorrow then if you want we can meet in Washington at hwy 47 and 5th st by 11:00 am. Since we are going to Hermann
  8. natnaz

    Sunday March 17

    If we decide on Hermann then maybe we should meet on 94 and 40 area.
  9. natnaz

    Sunday March 17

    Right now the temperature feels right. Tomorrow morning the start would be chilly but later on through the day it will warm up. I’m riding 😊
  10. natnaz

    Sunday March 17

    Hermann sounds great. We need to figure out a time and place to meet.
  11. natnaz

    Sunday March 17

    I’m thinking about it. What did you have in mind?
  12. natnaz

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Happy Birthday!
  13. natnaz

    Happy birthday, Stiffneck!

    Happy birthday!
  14. natnaz

    MotoGP 2018