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  1. Home good seeing everyone again i will try to not be such a stranger 😀
  2. Happy birthday Get'n up there now :0
  3. can't make this but will try for the sunday ride.
  4. I will try and make this. Hopefully the weather will hold.
  5. Sounds like a fun ride. I just got back from San Antonio last night. Hopefully next weekend I will post up if my schedule and weather hold up. Fingers Crossed !!! Need to get out with my two wheeled friends again !
  6. Just got back from a trip to find out I'm flying sunday. As of right now I'm out I apologize for backing out. The nature of my job makes it hard to commit until the last moment. I thought I was safe from a weekend trip since I got back so late. If the trip cancels I will post up. I will be posting other rides. I just hate that the first ride I post I have to back out Have fun everyone. I should be able to make the meeting Tuesday ..... I hope !
  7. Meet at the Eureka QT off I-44 Sunday March 5 at 8:30am kick stands up at 9am. Pace will be moderate not STLAR or two up but inbetween. If you want to ride a particular section faster please move ahead of the group at the normal slow down or stop points. Hope to see a good STLAR turn out for the ride.
  8. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice
  9. JJ next time we ride how about giving me a turn on it. You can try my trusty old GSXR )))) Very cool !
  10. I will try !! Too far in advance now to commit
  11. In madrid now heading for london on Sunday so i'm out.