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  1. Grass in the road - I feel that we can all agree that it is rude and inconsiderate to blow it in the road, but is it really a danger to motorcyclist?
  2. Steve

    Emissions Warranty

    Excellent information and you are correct that some dealerships may need to be educated. These claims are filed via the normal warranty claim system, they just have to check a different little box.
  3. Steve

    Motorcycle Collections

    Several years ago I met Rich Chase, and when I had the chance, I went to see this collection of motorcycles he said he had. I've known plenty of motorcycle collectors over the years, and I'm sure most of us have more than a few. My 1st trip up was enlightening, as it took everything to a new level. Here is a video of the earlier collection - Recently Rich sent out a video of the "museum" and the collection as it is now - And it's all down a gravel road in Iowa..... Not bad, eh?
  4. Steve

    Kawasaki dealer recommends

    Buy it from me. Ride it home from Columbia. Let Terry be the only mechanic to ever touch it.
  5. What did it say? I just checked the box. Don't really have a choice if you want to enter the forum, so hey, what the hey!
  6. Steve


    I've order up a set of Avon Spirit ST's for my FJ1200 - A set of few tires available in the correct size/speed rating. Spirit - might be time to name my bike - Dr. Sardonicus And yes, I know this was a "dead thread" "It's back"
  7. Steve


    It's time to play it again -
  8. Steve

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year!
  9. Steve


    Thrashed Grom, I'd pay $500, no more.......
  10. Steve

    Motorcycle Insurance

    I like cheap and know what to expect. Liability only here, $125/year for the FJ1200. Full coverage on a new 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS would be $650/year I'm not buying one, just checking - really seriously
  11. WIth the changes in government, we may once again get "modern" two-strokes.
  12. Steve

    Don't let them screw up the Internet.

    We all know what's going to happen, many of of have seen it happen to local newspapers/radio/TV stations - We're going to see and hear what they want us too, not what is necessarily what is true or honest or with/without a hidden agenda. The sheep will remain sheep, just as it always was, just as it always was.........
  13. The 1st wave of Z900RS are set to ship to the dealers - expect them soon, very soon. Kawasaki released the setup instructions on their dealer site today. Can't wait!