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  1. Dude, you have to try the go carts at Midway, near that funky small golf course. In fact, right there. It is a blast - give Kenny and email and head over, I kicked his arse by a lap plus! I still can not believe to gave up the opportunity to ride a 883 Sportster - Now that would have been a picture to post - you on a 883! You want to know how to clean your chain, this is the man to ask. Oh yeah, this always makes me smile.....
  2. I think we got in over 300 miles. Took basically the route shown, with some changes like everywhere as the Bandit 1200S lead. Stopped in at the Harley Dealer ship and test rode a Buell "12". them rode some more. There are so many excellent roads in Missouri, you gotta love it! Thanks Terry, Lance, Mike, Keith, Kenny and that wild man from the local rising group and his fearless chick. I liked Mikes comment - "I have never cruised at XXX before". Well, you have now. Again, thank you all and hopefully again soon. Maybe on your turf! Oh - We ended the day at a local go-kart track. $5.00 plus slipping the kid running it another $5 gave us a long, long ride. Yes, I won, by at least one lap. What a blast that was! YeHaw!
  3. We are going to try to be at "Sub Shop", on Stadium by the mall, actually, the south end of the new mall, between it and Walmart (Near I70, west end of Columbia) at, ummmm, 1:30 or so. Excellent food, also one near the Columns on campus, most excellent. I know Kenny and Terry will be at Jones, maybe a few others. The weather is going to be perfect, so not matter where you ride, ride.
  4. Anyone have a preference between Stove Top and Mashed Potatoes? What is we tossed in "Suddenly Salad" as a third option? You know, the kind with those spiral green and tan and rusty red noodles.
  5. I am! Terry is as well. Two I guess..... And Hutch - ROCK ON! I did email the TNR's as well. Goal is to wrap it up in Columbia by 3:00 so people can get back to the city or enjoy the demo rides or - This is my United States of Whatever!
  6. Now Terry, if you run into any delays, please call me on my cell phone. Plan to depart Jones around 10:30 or so. 10:48 at the latest. To get to Jones Power Sports from St. Louis, the easy way, take I70 east to 63 South. Turn and go south on 63. It is about 7 miles. Keep heading south until you come to 163 - You will see Jones on the right as you slow to turn on 163. Or, you might see Jones on the right and miss the turn if you are not alert. (Yes, I have...) They open at 9:00AM - Cool dealership, you will like it. http://www.jpscycles.com/
  7. Um, that is sick. Funny, but SICK!
  8. I got the date corrected, doh! Saturday it is, and can someone verify that the Harley Dealership is going to have a stunting demo at 3:00? All I found was this: Oh hold on now - I just found this jewel! TERRY! How could we not do this? :shock:
  9. Holy cow, I need to stop in this guys shop. I hope to be coming through in a few weeks, where are they located? I will go in and have some fun!
  10. Booches is good eats. Bad parking, good eats. Been there forever, an Icon of the town. I like Sub Shop better though. Try it sometime! Stunt show at 3 eh, may see you there! We plan to depart for our ride at around 11:00, so being back by three may be well within the plans. I almost have the map/route completed. Email Terry with the awesome ZRX1100 if interested, or myself at honda919rider@yahoo.com
  11. your half informed.... Oh, you know how to get on my good side right off the bat. But, out of respect for the few people here I know.... the "locals favorite route" Tim, I lived in Columbia for longer than you probably are old. 35 years, to be close, give or take a few years. "Locals favorite routes" are roads I used to ride with my buddy Jack Daniels and Jose Cuervo. The Busch family was also heavily involved, and due to this and a few of my "other" bad habits, I know every paved and unpaved road within a million mile radius of Columbia. I freak everytime I visit. I remember Broadway being gravel from Stadium West. Rock Bridge High School was way out in the sticks. Ashland locals will kick your @ss first and ask questions later. The strip pits were where we all swam naked, right after the coal mining operation closed. We made most of the trails out there, now called Finger Lakes State Park. Rock Bridge Park rocks, it is killer. Camped there many times. Most of the time, it involved mushrooms picked from an aquarium at a house directly behind Hickman High. I have hiked every inch of that park, it is great. And the area has some terrific roads, for sure. And the gravel roads offered some of the best "General Lee" style driving a kid could want. Anyway, my point is, well, I make no point. We had a accident last year and that makes us (me at least) extra cautious, as that cost us more than an hour of ride time. Plus, I caught cr@p for leading too fast..... Go figure. Like you said, sh!t happens. And most of it can be prevented. The route is almost final. Once it is, I will get it and the times emailed to those interested.
  12. Your Score: 8 out of 11 Your Rating: Honor Student
  13. Steve


    That is the owner on the fender. Nice bike, ran in the 9's. He kept the front wheel on the ground. Every run. Never once did I think he would sam it....
  14. Terry what a real bike is like -
  15. Bob W - See you next weekend! Heal quick and be ready to ride - Steve
  16. I did some checking and rumor has it those "thursday night" boys in Columbia have about a wreck a ride. Or a reputation of that, at least. I am not into drama..... To each their own, stress free is much more fun for this old fart. Quality over quantity!
  17. First night of the season. Saturday prior was rained out. People came out in force, it was packed. Mike Slowe was there with his world record Turbo Busa. Just another Joe, nice fellow. Watched him swap out the clutch. Amazing computer controls on the bike. Very well built. www.velocityracing.com Gene Saylor was there with his ZRX1200. Ran in the very low 11's stock. He has done a few mods and now runs 9.90's. Super nice guy. Cars: 2005 Mustang GT's, 3 of them. All ran in the 13's. They did not draw a lot of interest, odd, as they were beautiful. Black, all of them. A new GTO ran in the low low 11's and the driver hit the brakes prior to the traps. He was running a turbo, and it was weird. The car was almost silent, it just, like, well, hit warp drive. Most of the nicer street cars were well in the 12's. A early 90's Mustang ran a 13.60 and was beat by a ratty looking Honda - what a sleeper. A lot of sleepers. Huge Ford F350 diesel pick ups ran in the low 14's. SVT Pick ups ran in the 11's. My friend ran an 11.1 for his second best time ever. He followed it up with a 11.04 and finally a 11.06 - great night for him. See if you have a track locally and make a night of it. Good cheap entertainment. Oh, the motorcycles - Pictures attached. All pretty much ran in the 9's, 10's and a few 11's - Sorry for the picture quality. This is the engine in my friends 1967 all steel Chevy II with a 302 (310) he built. Here, one for Terry. Yes, he was in the 9's as well. Cecil Country Dragway. Maryland.
  18. Hahahahahahaha - you guys crack me up. I have been in Lancaster PA all week, sorry for the lack of updates. Originally, we were going on Sunday as "someone" works Saturdays and is off Sundays and Mondays. So, under that assumption, plans were being made. Due to a scheduling conflict with a portion of this ride, the date may be moved up to Saturday. Needless to say, I know less now than I did then, but that is beside the point. Saturday or Sunday, we will know no later than tomorrow night, for sure. Maybe.
  19. Ride into the Columbia area for lunch, then a tour of the backroads of the surrounding area. Arrive in Columbia at around 10:30ish and head back to St. Louis generally around 3:30ish from Columbia. May try and meet up with some riders at the Harley Dealership at 3:00 - Someone said there was going to be a stunting demonstration, I think. Detail coming if anyone is interested. Very informal, very unoffical, enjoyable ride. Mellow. 3rd or 4th annual, some chap that rides a ZRX1100 is the guest of honor. I hear he might be somewhat active with you all. If interested, directions and times will be emailed. Maps given upon arrival. Post here please if any interest or questions. Thank you, Steve
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