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  1. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Bummer man. Try and get lots of rest. Hope you feel better soon.
  2. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Ok, I gotta see if the H2 SX is at Chicago, so I'm in.
  3. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Sorry, must have been distracted and not reading closely. Ok. Thanks!
  4. Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Coming back later on Sunday, I'm assuming?
  5. It was a motorcycle xmas

    Now wait, don't these bikes have EBS(launch control) to manage front wheel height? Your not using the tools to their fullest extent.

    Yes he said that about sport bikes, more or less. What really was strange was one of the reasons he gave for backing out of superbike racing with the RC8, and not selling anymore, was that powerful of a sportbike was irresponsible for a manufacturer to sell to the public. They're too dangerous for regular folks. Strange, he didn't say anything about putting the same motor, only bigger, into adventure bikes, sport touring bikes, and nekid bikes. Then selling them to any joeschmoe with enough money. I think he was trying to save face on their exit from superbike racing around the world. Kinda lame.
  7. It was a motorcycle xmas

    I celebrated both my parents finally retiring this month! With them. Mom was done on Dec 11. And the 23rd was dad's last day working for someone else. Oh, and crab legs and champagne dinner with the parents.

    Josh seems to be heading into a Pastrana phase. Not actually racing anymore. Just goofing off, impressively, for cameras.
  9. Who here uses a lithium ion battery on their ride?

    I tried a Ballistic brand battery in my Sprint ST, and found it wouldn't work up cranking power right away under 50deg. It'd take a while with the key on, and trying the starter about a half dozen times to wake up the battery below that temp. Then, it went absolutely flat over a 3 month winter break. To be fair I forgot to keep it on the specific charger, but still. Completely flat, dead, with no chance to recover it. I went back to OEM style battery with great success these past few years.

    Historically American DOT, and many other countries, have a set minimum distance between turn signals.
  11. BIXBY 12 03

    This is how moto-centric I am. I read this as SM=supermoto
  12. New Police Motorcycle by Yamaha

    It's my understanding that copsycles very rarely ever have to go at high speeds. Best use for them in speed trapping is to set them up as the gunner, and then have car/SUV units down the road to net the speeders, like IL does. The moto-unit's main function is to "show the flag". Escort duty, special events, that kind of stuff. Parade duty. I forgot to mention that there has been, and might still be, a Honda ST1300 copsycle to. If it's an early enough model they can develop a serious buck-and-weave above 100 mph. I've seen it.
  13. Back in `68

    AMF bought Harley in 1969

    Didn't know Metzler Marathons came in slick models. I swear, if someone shaved a perfectly good tire tread off I'm going to hurl.
  15. New Police Motorcycle by Yamaha

    I believe they already had a cop model FJR in other markets. The UK and Europe, specifically. It'll be interesting how it works for police here. The BMW and Harley offerings are, actually, pretty hard to beat. With the right dealer to support and service them.