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  1. Another ride I get to miss out on because of work. Have fun guys.
  2. Darn, very sorry to hear this. Hope things get better for him.
  3. I've already committed to another ride that day, so I'll miss out.
  4. SprintST

    Helpful YouTube channel

    Specifically: and
  5. SprintST

    Helpful YouTube channel

    Add these to your watch list too: https://www.youtube.com/user/fastersafer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcT1EC-eebuRSXWGhWbG69A
  6. SprintST

    Stlar Meeting!

    I'm in
  7. SprintST

    Sunday 7/22

    Excused the distracting fluff occasionally on the lens. I glued a bit of wind screen stuff over the mics, which are right under the lens. Apparently I didn't trim them back enough. I've given it a haircut while making this vid.
  8. SprintST

    Sunday 7/22

    Fun roads. No incidents, despite the wildlife's best attempts. Nice weather, and a Galen sighting. All while getting home before 2:30pm. These are the days. Thanks for posting, and leading Dave.
  9. SprintST

    Sunday 7/15

    Home a little while ago. Thanks for the great route Dave! Shame about MO Hicks in Steelville. Replaced by a burger joint.
  10. SprintST

    Sunday 7/15

    If it looks like I could be leaving in the rain tomorrow morning, don't count on me.
  11. SprintST

    Sunday 7/15

  12. SprintST


    I think your thinking of Denise, from Oklahoma. She still has that FZ1. Still original, still piling up miles.
  13. SprintST

    Cooler Saturday July 7

    Fun day. More traffic then I remember having on Sat, but it is still a holiday weekend, of sorts. Gas consumption roulette. Med power setting, riding in basic touring mindset coming back from IA a couple weeks ago: 41.9 mpg (Gassed up in Eureka this morning to know this. Low fuel light was on for a good 14 miles. 178.5 miles total on the tank) Full power mode for today: 1st gas: 35.4 mpg 2nd gas: 27.8 mpg (Potosi-Bixby-Potosi) 3rd gas: 31.2 mpg (St Clair)
  14. SprintST

    Cooler Saturday July 7

    I should be able to make that.
  15. SprintST

    Stlar Meeting!

    I'm probably not going to make it. I have an early start to a 12 hour work day the following day.