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  1. Yup. Another good one. Gotta get them in when we can.
  2. Out. I have a very early start at work the next morning.
  3. I'm going to miss out on this. Here's hoping for good weather and a fun ride for you all!
  4. https://www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/news-multimedia/news/2019/09/12/motorcycle-racing-returning-to-ims-in-august-2020-with-motoamerica-2019 Good to see they kept the same weekend as MotoGP was on. I never did it, but the downtown event was a good match for the racing event.
  5. Late as usual for this event. But, I should be there.
  6. I'm going to miss out. Too much prep still to do for the following weekend trip to Marietta, OH for MSTA rally.
  7. I'm not going to make it. Headed to a concert
  8. Damn that's early. But, I'll give it a shot.
  9. I'll be one of the later arrivals.
  10. US421 aka "The Snake" TN91, leaving Shady Valley. Sorry the vid ends, I'd been shooting most of the morning, and the battery died.
  11. Another body air bag option is coming soon. Looks like it's splitting the difference between a Helitemoto vest and the full internalized bag systems from Astar and Dainese. Cheaper too. Though, not as much coverage. Little dubious about the "under any jacket" claim. But, we shall see. https://www.dainese.com/us/en/smart-jacket.html#sj-form
  12. Just saw this. So I'm not going to make that meet. See you all in Eureka
  13. Probably. I do have a new front tire to scrub in on the Streety.
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