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  1. Kawasaki H2 SX

    They'd have to have made a bunch of motor changes for longevity. Even the non-track edition H2 has a pretty short service life, as I understand. I am pleased they put a center stand on it(I'm looking at you KTM). They've jumped on the cornering lights bandwagon. Which I like. And it's got a real fairing! Sport touring is being forced into the Adventure touring aesthetic. Which I dislike.
  2. Ducati Panigale V4 unveiled

    Usually it's not a direct correlation, prices can be quite different from market to market. We'll have to see what Ducati North America put out for a price list.
  3. BIXBY SUNDAY 10 29

    I sat on one in Colorado. Didn't think much of the fairing. Liked how sporting it could be. Hate that it can't have a center stand. I'd love to see the cornering lights in action.
  4. Stlar Meeting

    Planning on it.
  5. FYI !!

    It's not a demo is it? Usually that kind of pricing is a demo.
  6. Happy BIrthday to me......

    Since the Suuupaduke isn't enough power for you, Todd, maybe this will help you get your fix.
  7. Schafley's Vintage bike ride

    I think that's actually a 900ss. The fairing certainly doesn't have the 851-888 vertical air inlets on both sides of the headlight.
  8. Schafley's Vintage bike ride

    Many bikes of the era had 5 gallon tanks. Nobody really cared about miles per gallon back then. And a performance 2 stroke is a thirsty beast! I wouldn't expect more than 30 mpg out of it.
  9. Schafley's Vintage bike ride

    I all fairness, I did cheat a little. I googled to verify the years they were imported. I knew it was an RZ350 right off, though.
  10. Schafley's Vintage bike ride

    You don't remember Dr J having one? Come on, it was a cool two stroke! Though, I don't think he had a Robert's replica, just the white and red paintjob.
  11. Schafley's Vintage bike ride

    It's a RZ350, or as the Euro's know it RD350LCII. About 1984 to 1985 in America, even later in Europe and the UK. That is an Kenny Robert's Replica. An OEM paint job to celebrate his championships with the brand.

    It is my impression from the WERA and ADV rider boards, that the club running Pike's Peak couldn't care less about motorcycles, and wished they could outright ban them from the event. They've been scared shitless of the bad rap a bunch of dead riders will bring the event. Plus, they'd have more time for the nifty neato cars they like so much. And they wouldn't have to worry quite so much about track cleanliness. Cars and trucks go right over liquid, and gravel, spills that would have a motorcycle off the mountain.
  13. Your welcome. When I can get it switched on, it does pretty good. The button on the back is not the easiest to feel. And SOMEONE's Ducati was so loud I couldn't hear the chime confirming it turned on I could run the WiFi and turn it on with my phone, but that negatively impacts battery life. It's also at least a generation old now. I'm hoping the built in image stabilization has been refined on the recent gen stuff. It bothers me when it gets twitchy on panning shots through the flip-flops. Still, quality Sony product!
  14. I didn't zero out a counter before leaving this morning, so no guesses on mileage. Just, a lot. It was a good day!