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  1. SprintST


    He was at the last Moto Europa bike night. It sounded purdy.
  2. SprintST

    Springfield Mile May 27th

    I'm looking to do the online buy either Wed, or Thurs this week to get the discount. Coming up on last chance to speak up.
  3. Yup another fairly successful outing.
  4. Make sure your allergy meds are up to date. Pollen is heavy down there.
  5. Oops. Sorry, didn't see this. Soooo, yah, I'm in, lol Good day of riding. Me and the JetBoat are starting to gel. 355 sMILEs for the day. The pollen was killing my eyes. It was like a medium dust storm in some placed. Bleh! Thanks for posting Khaled. And thanks for leading Todd.
  6. SprintST

    ICON helmet

    I've had really good luck with Transition shields on my Shoeis. The ones I've had get pretty dark. And the best part is, no swapping of shields. It just does it automagically
  7. I might have to decide which bike to ride before that day, lol Finish the break in on the bassboat. Or finally ride the Streety for the first time this year. Decisions, decisions.
  8. SprintST

    Springfield Mile May 27th

    Yup, still the same.
  9. It's that time of year again. We were talking last year about trying to get to the race earlier so we could do the pit walk where we can get a good look at the bikes, meet racers, that kind of thing. Pits open at noon for the fan walk, and that runs for 45 minutes. So that's when we're shooting for. Normally we leave around 9:30, that gets us at the track around 1pm. So I was thinking about an 8am takeoff time so we won't have to be rushed to get to the pits. We've got 15 days to buy tickets at a $10 discount. Which would be $35. $45 day of race. I'll buy the tickets for those that'd like to buy in early so we can all sit together. I can take cash or PayPal for the advance tickets. Anyone who would like to take a leisurely ride up can join me at the MotoMart located at 3750 New Town Blvd, St Charles, MO. This is just north of MO370. Not the one on MO-94, we're talking the next exit west. We'll take MO-94 up to Alton, hop over The River on US-67, then find our way to IL-111 to cross cut to just south of Springfield. This really is one of the marque races of American motorcycle dirt track racing. So if you've got the day, I think it's worth seeing. Final race should be going off at 3:30 pm. So, probably leaving around, or after, 4:30pm to get back to St Louis.
  10. SprintST

    Stlar Meeting!

    You actually said that out loud? You are so screwed! lol
  11. SprintST

    My first Kawi!

    I just found it. Touch the middle choice in the bottom left hand corner. The right hand turn sign. That makes it start calling out directions. So, that seems like it.
  12. SprintST

    My first Kawi!

    I've been debating on getting those. I've been using a liner in my V35s as a cloths organizer. Judging from the shape of these bags I might still need to do that. I'll check into that, thanks!
  13. SprintST

    My first Kawi!

    And on the Kawi front. Bags, and bag mounts are IN! Match painted panels, are back ordered until some time in June. We're seeing if I can get away without those painted panels, and just tape over the screwdown points for the panels. I really need these bags ON the bike. I got an AR rally to go to in mid May. Gotta figure out what will pack where in these new bags. If all goes well, after work Friday I'll finally be registered, and plated, with MO. Then I'll see if Eric is around to get a baseline set on the suspension.
  14. SprintST

    My first Kawi!

    You can option it for feet/miles too. In the app you have to pick "imperial" for miles. But, yeah, I think I might be going with Kurviger. Looks like I can load offline maps for the states I'll be traveling. And then upload a weekends worth of routes to the app. Then "import" them as needed per day. Gotta buck up for the Pro verison, but it's pretty reasonable, I think. I'm going to have to figure out how to massage the options to follow the route I intended, though. I tried my home to work commute. It's a bit confused about getting onto east bound I70 between Fairgrounds and 5th Street. lol And I did a test from Eureka to Potosi. I was able to lead it to the usual rout with a few guiding points. Very promising.