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  1. SprintST

    Happy Birthday SprintST

    Thanks guy.
  2. SprintST

    Stlar Meeting!

    March 5th is next week, or are you apologizing in advance?
  3. SprintST

    Sunday 1/6

    Look at all them sport touring motorcycles. Resistance is futile, lol
  4. SprintST

    Sunday 1/6

    252.4 miles door-to-door. Saw as low as 34 and as high as 60 deg. A great January riding day. Thanks for suggesting this Nathan! Good to see all those that shared the day.
  5. SprintST

    Sunday 1/6

  6. I've done some business with these folks, and I'm sorry to see them go. If you've been shopping for something check out their site, they may have it on a blowout sale. Lots of womens gear still up for grabs. Helmets https://www.ridersdiscount.com/motorcycle-helmets Jackets https://www.ridersdiscount.com/motorcycle-jackets Boots https://www.ridersdiscount.com/motorcycle-riding-boots Gloves https://www.ridersdiscount.com/motorcycle-gloves Offroad https://www.ridersdiscount.com/motocross-off-road-gear
  7. SprintST

    Stlar Meeting!

    I should be able to make it.
  8. SprintST

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Good day all around. Thanks for putting it together Ed!
  9. SprintST

    Arkansas......October...20th - 22nd

    Technically, 215 seems to end at Oark, heading east from there it turns into 5440, Then it turns to gravel at Catalpa. Another nice little lunch stop.
  10. SprintST

    Culpepper's St. Charles

    This particular Cullpepper's is the "home bar" of a co-worker of mine. He confirms the ownership is separate from the management of the restaurant. And the ownership isn't interested in improving the actual building. They PAID someone to design that metal wall motif. It's supposed to make it look industrial-like.
  11. SprintST


    Ol' Shadetree Surgeon. He's quite the character. Rides an interesting assortment of bikes too.
  12. SprintST

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Guess I'll have to monitor my adult beverage intake the night before then, lol I should be in for the new date.
  13. SprintST

    Need some new gloves

    I've been happy with my Knox Covert gloves. No insulated liner, but a bonded waterproof layer behind the true leather chassis, and excellent armor. A smaller cuff that fits very well under the sleeves of my jacket. Before these I had a pair of Racer MutiTops. They lasted for many years. Though, the current version does not have palm sliders, which I think are required protection these days.
  14. Time to sign up then I guess! Join us, be one of us. Resistance is futile.
  15. SprintST

    STLAR FALL RIDE 10 28 18

    Might be a good thing to avoid this weekend anyway. So far, the weather is looking less than hospitable for motorcycling. I'd still like to do the ride, because I haven't been to the place suggested yet. And, you know, ride to eat, eat to ride!
  16. SprintST

    Michelin Pilot Road Tire Failure

    No one has asked him what tire pressures he was running. He said it's a year old tire, so it's not an old tire. Strange that someone mounted a PR4 GT to an S1000. Seems a bit overkill. A regular PR4 would have worked fine.
  17. SprintST

    Sunday 9/30 - Lunch in Bixby

    Thanks for letting me tag along after Potosi. Glad I caught up to you, it was a good day!
  18. SprintST

    Return of the katana?

    The original Hans Muth designed Katana was indeed a full blown sport bike for it's era. The early 80's superbikes had handlebars, not clip ons. Many raced them with some success. Even the next gen "Jelly Mold" Katanas were still being thrashed for a few years. The 600 Hurricane put an end to their competitiveness. Then they became the Can-o-tuna we all loved to hate, but they got a lot of people into sportbike riding. Hans Muth also designed the BMW R65LS from the same era.
  19. SprintST

    Stlar Meeting!

    Should be in.
  20. SprintST

    Return of the katana?

    If it doesn't have a turbo, or supercharger, it's just another body kit an a GSX. Meh.