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  1. Maybe I'm jaded by my own experiences, but I stopped doing open rides because of people crashing. The STLAR guys are top notch and I would ride with them if I were invited to a non-public ride, but public rides just don't come with the safe assumption of a level of skill. In my experience, speed is far less of an issue than skill. The last group ride I led ended in disaster, and I was on a slow bike trying to force speeds down across the board... Ultimately every rider is responsible for their own safety, every bike that gets to a corner got there there because of the person at the controls.
  2. Riding out early Friday morning. Anyone else leaving Friday?
  3. I might be up for a Friday ride if it starts in the AM... Anyone volunteer to lead something?
  4. Problem with changing the certification is that Snell is not necessarily any better than DOT, and can actually be worse for many common accidents.
  5. it's a fuel injected motor, a 1995 LT1 actually. We looked at a few crate motors, trying to compare them to a solid rebuild. Thanks for the tips so far guys!
  6. Have a friend who needs a complete motor rebuild on a 5.7L GM and is looking to lean it more towards he performance side.. Anyone have a recommendation on a local shop thats honest and reliable and stands behind their work? Not looking for someone working out of their shed, but not looking to spend a million bucks either.
  7. This was sent to all US - AB employees yesterday… Over the past few weeks, the senior management of our organization has made very difficult decisions, and today we are announcing a workforce reduction of approximately 1,400 salaried people in our U.S. beer-related divisions, with about 75 percent coming from our St. Louis organization at headquarters, downtown offices and our Sunset Hills offices. The primary groups affected are engineering, information technology and other corporate positions. Most reductions will occur before the end of the year, with the remainder taking effect next year. These reductions are in addition to the more than 1,000 people company-wide who will retire before the end of the year and in addition to the 250 positions that are open system-wide and that will remain unfilled. An additional 415 contractor positions will be eliminated. BEC and Anheuser-Busch Packaging Group employees are not affected by this announcement. These decisions are a result of a careful review of each department. As expected, there are overlapping functions and synergies gained through the merger, which have driven part of these reductions. Others are the result of ongoing efficiency improvements and additional cost-reductions, including lower capital expenditures. These were not easy decisions, but were necessary for the organization. The people affected will be offered severance benefits that we hope will help ease the transition as much as possible. In addition to severance pay and pension benefits, displaced employees will be offered one year of medical coverage, 2009 vacation pay and outplacement services. We know this will be very difficult – many good workers who are trusted and valued in the organization will not remain. We respect and are grateful for their many contributions. They are, and always will be, a part of this company's legacy of quality – we have long said, once a member of the Anheuser-Busch family, always a member. In the coming days, your managers and People representatives will be meeting with employees to advise them of their status. We appreciate your utmost professionalism and esteem extended toward each of your colleagues during this period of transition. We also thank you for remaining focused on results and in managing through this uncertain and unfortunate time. The spirit of this company – which comes from its people – has never been more evident than it is now.
  8. I rode for 2 years on a Honda XR650R with a dual-sport kit. It was awesome for commuting, and handy on the backroads (or as handy as you can be with a 95mph-ish top speed). I eventually sold it because I was getting too many tickets on it. Now I kind of regret selling it, even with its super limited range, uncomfortable seat, and permanent injury creating kickstart.
  9. Not to sound down on the bike, but a lowered, stretched sportbike is going to handle like total shit. That's the nicest way I can put it.
  10. squash


    Happy birthday you slow ugly crusty stupid dirty stinky diseased shithead.
  11. I watched it last year, gonna watch it this year. Lots of other shows I watched last year got the axe though!
  12. squash

    St. Joes

    I think I'm out - I fucked my back up pretty bad this morning working in the yard. I can't see this recovering by tomorrow..
  13. squash

    St. Joes

    I'm not gonna be down there at 7am.. more like 10am for me. I'm still putting my back wheel together on my bike so I'll be on a mower.
  14. squash

    St. Joes

    you gotta watch out for people on crazy mowers in the sand, like this guy: http://stlouis.craigslist.org/mcy/740348992.html you'll never see that thing in the trails...
  15. squash

    St. Joes

    The sand is just the unfortunate path you have to follow to get to the trails..
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