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  1. bud

    Happy Birthday Bud

    Thanks guys.
  2. bud

    Happy Birthday WhatARush

    Happy Birthday.
  3. bud


    I was told to put a very hi amp charge on the battery to shock it for a moment.
  4. I need you guys to find me a job that has your hours!
  5. bud

    Stlar Meeting!

    Sorry I scooted out early. She really wanted to have her Ice Cream before it got dark.
  6. "Ice Cream? When the fuck did we get ice cream?"
  7. Great ride today. Had a lot of new and OLD faces. Hope everyone had a good time, I know I did.
  8. I can alter the route slightly if that's what you're wanting!
  9. There may be a small portion of unpaved surface.
  10. Just checking the head count. Bud Speed +1 Gsxr55 +3 Whatarush JJ Stiffneck? Morbo? Sprint Crash? Zrx4me Joe
  11. bud

    MotoGP Austin 2018

    Why am I getting blamed for everything? But yeah how could you not get umbrella girl pics? Let me guess with that lens you were zoomed in too far?
  12. One week more to go. Make sure to get the bikes ready.
  13. bud

    Putnam Park

    Might be hard to hold the umbrella when your on the track. 2cents!