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  1. Where have they been hiding?
  2. Replace the switch and double check the button on the shift drum doesn't have any debris or damage.
  3. Well when you read this next year you should come out some time.
  4. Thanks all. Stuck working all day.
  5. Pretty sure the answer is tequila. Might not solve it but damn sure won't care about the problem anymore.
  6. Impacts definitely help but I know a lot of manufacturers suggest not using them. Apparently there are cases of damage done by the impact on the transmission.
  7. Happy Birthday Dave.
  8. Not sure if he should try that. Look what happened to your transmission. 😄
  9. I prefer my quick shifter. All I have to do is shift. No clutch or throttle action required.
  10. But for highways they are usually angled for water drains. So typically the left side will wear more due to angle.