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    Go try the Family Arena parking lot. They are usually empty unless there is some event there that day.
  2. Number 112

    Four bikes in 11 years.
  3. 2012 R1

  4. Number 112

    Just get a super moto set of wheels and bam 2 bikes in one.

    Well it's been a very hard decision but I have decided that I need to sell the R1. Going to have a bunch of lawyer bills coming in before you know it and I don't want to get to far behind. So be on the lookout soon for the post in the classifieds. And if you know of anyone looking for a beautiful bike it will be available soon.
  6. Redrider67

  7. 2018 Challenge

    I'm still eating carbs and whatever I want. Just watching portions and trying to stay below 1500 calories a day. Still have a cheat day a week but trying not to over indulge. That's my biggest problem. If I see food on a plate I won't finish until it's all gone.
  8. 2018 Challenge

    Just hit 1/3 of my weight loss goal. Down 18.4 in just over 5 weeks.
  9. My current R1 I bought in Michigan. Drove up and put on a trailer. Previous R1 from Kentucky rode it home.
  10. Touring Bike

    Call and check to make sure the Brake Recall was performed on it. And if you need to bleed the brakes make sure you check the service manual because there are multiple bleed screws on the front calipers because the rear brake pedal will actually operate both the front and rear calipers.
  11. 2018 Challenge

    Currently down 15 lbs since Christmas. Still a long way to go.
  12. Happy BIrthday to me......

    There went 30 extra pounds. No more need to diet.
  13. I just couldn't remember if the CBR 600 started using that technology. I know most manufacturers are in the supersport bikes.
  14. Is your CBR fly by wire throttle because if that's the case twisting the throttle open won't open the throttle bodies.