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  1. I just watch all the races on YouTube free.
  2. Great turn out tonight. Glad to see all the old faces.
  3. I just loaded a short 3 min video. Playing around with editing software and wishing I had a more powerful computer. It will take some time for YouTube to finish all the loading stuff for this video.
  4. I'm home. Great seeing everyone who could make it.
  5. We did the Culpepers in St Charles for a while they are still open.
  6. That's the worst I've ever gone. Cords were showing in Potosi and made it all the way home to Troy, MO. I was wearing through the cords.
  7. Can't make it anymore, Scout is sick.
  8. I already splurged and picked one a Cardo edge during their black Friday sale. I went ahead and picked up one of their 2 packs in thinking I might take Jacqueline out on some short rides and see if she likes it. The sound quality is a lot better as well as being much easier to use thanks to the phone app.
  9. I have a Chatterbox but going to get rid of it for a Cardo since everyone seems to be making the change.
  10. I'll be there. They are having a toy drive so be sure to bring a toy.
  11. Hannibal Ride May 22nd, 2021 Meet Time 9am Location. QT, 391 Main St, St Peters, MO 63376 Any other questions? 🤣
  12. The reason braking on a Goldwing is different is because when you push the rear brake lever it activates all 3 calipers. Hence the reason you have so many front brake lines and bleed screws on the front.
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