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  1. I thought rainy Sunday's were for bike maintenance.
  2. Well she is already talking about how she can't wait until she can drive all by herself. And once she warms up to being around she is great.
  3. You all have fun. Really want to try and get down one year.
  4. It worked for me. No music. I was waiting the whole time thinking oh great Galen pissed someone off or something worse.
  5. Figured I would throw this up here also in case anyone was in the market or knows anyone who is. This thing is in really good condition. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/cto/6081613522.html
  6. Just wrap some duct tape around it for a few extra miles. 😁
  7. I've definitely rode home from a ride on worse.
  8. Happy Birthday.
  9. What most don't realize is you want to check oil level when the bike is at running temperature. Oil expands when it gets warmer. If you fill it to the top line on a cold engine it is overfilled.
  10. Hell of a tangent we went on. Went from a ssl protocol to sending pies to North Korea.
  11. Thanks for everything you do Galen. Remind me to buy you some beers next time we're out.
  12. I bet you donated the $50 so you could crawl into bed with them. If they allow pets and have pie I think I know where you will be retiring.
  13. Happy Birthday.
  14. I decided when I was looking at these kind of bikes that no more loans and full coverage insurance. If I buy a bike I pay cash and no full coverage since I could buy a new bike every few years with the money I save.