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  1. Thanks. I will take you up on that. Would be a blast to ride there again.
  2. Thanks all! She's feeling much better now. Things are looking up
  3. Well, Folks that know me know it's been a rough winter. Her last radiation treatment was Wednesday. I took her for a ride through gator alley. I miss riding with you all. I don't need to remind you to RTS....life is short and cut the bullshit
  4. Sorry guys. It's been hectic and usually don't have much time to update. Right now sitting in the dr office all day gives me plenty of time. She is going well. Have had 2 chemo treatments. Side effects are pretty minimal. Actually got to take our boat out for a bit yesterday to relax. Saw several sea turtles. Hope all is well for you guys and thanks for thinking of us! Aaron
  5. From what the officer told me it was St. Louis county. This was in 07 or 08 in July. I can't remember exact dates. I was so pissed that I drove every parking lot in my local area trying to find it. No luck though.
  6. Sorry about your loss man. I had mine for a month before they took it. 270 and Lindbergh. I never heard back from any officer about mine and insurance covered all but $2k of the brand new bike. I guess mine got chopped and used for stunting. There were 53 stolen that week. Several were found in a shop off Lindbergh. Just not mine. I hope you have better luck, or at least better insurance.
  7. Thanks all. Yes it's treatable. I'm glad for that. Life throws curveballs but will roll with what's given. RTS
  8. Hey all. Some of you know me and my wife. Some might not. For those that do, I debated about posting this, but I believe in the power of prayer. My wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39. I'm not posting this for pity, but asking for those of you with wives who haven't done their baseline mammogram .......please encourage them to do it. I say this because. This is going to save my wife's life. And I hope it can can save someone else's. We will do surgery here, but will do chemo and radiation back home in stl if everything permits. I'd like to catch up with you guys if possible when back home. Maybe a slow ride for some pie Galen? Lol. Aaron
  9. He did my jeep a few years back too. Awesome job and super quick!
  10. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! JJ, the weather is in th 70's and mildly humid. Perfect for you all to make a road trip......but the roads are all straight here. Makes for a boring ride .
  11. I had a gun pulled on me when I was in west palm beach last weekend on the grom. Apparently I was going to slow. And yes....I shit my pants. That was the first time I have been out of the keys since I moved last year, and let me tell you.....I couldn't get home fast enough. Lol
  12. Badfish


    I don't know yet. But I hear they are great either bacon. Lol
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