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  1. No offense...but I don't like that bike. At least I have some of the original paint.
  2. Should? Or will? I was thinking it would only be a matter of time. We had another installer out a few weeks ago to install a new box and he said we cannot get local HD channels because of our dish placement...or that we do not have the right angle with our dish. Can you help me out? I'm upgrading tv's this weekend and want to get an HD DVR...and I want local HD channels. Send me a PM if you can help.
  3. Hey when is Dish going to get SpeedTV in HD???? I might be switching to Directv just so I can have Speed in HD.
  4. Get well soon Erin....take good care of her Dom. My wife had L3 and L4 fused together 1.5 years ago and is still on meds and still in pain...now facing at least one more surgery. Hope your result is better.
  5. Hey does anyone know if it's supposed to rain tomorrow? I need to know how I should dress for work in the morning...
  6. I think that was Magic Rat filming. :biggrin:
  7. Is that a pube I see on the floor??? Ewwwww.
  8. iPoop. And yes you would think two items made by the same manufacturer would be compatible regardless of which version of OS you had running...but it's their world and I'm just living in it! Big thanks to Hutch for the hookup! ;)
  9. Yea I'm not so worried about 10.5...I wouldn't even care/need 10.4 if it wasn't for the iPod issue. If you find it let me know...I can swing by with a case of your favorite beer. ;)
  10. So I decided to drop some bones on myself for Christmas and picked up a new iPod Touch. Get home and plug it into my iMac G5....not compatible. I'm not really into computers...didn't read the requirements...just frickin assumed it would work. I'm running 10.3.9 and need 10.4.10 in order for them to talk to one another. Okaaayyyyyy..... Well 10.4.10 isn't even available in retail stores anymore because 10.5 is now the latest and greatest. So...I just dropped $350 on an iPod which doesn't even work and now I need to go spend another $130 to update my computer. Whatever...it is what it is....but I was hoping maybe someone has an old 10.4.10 Tiger disk laying around. For something I may not even use that much I really don't want to spend anymore than I already have... Thanks for reading my rant.
  11. Randy - get well soon man. I have an ice water pumping machine with a shoulder wrap from my surgery a few years back. They probably gave you one...but if not let me know...it's huge for aiding recovery.
  12. Ummmm yea..... Yo Timmay...change of heart buddy...I'm going to continue doing trackdays. Please order me a slipper, a set of marchenisi wheels (actually just go ahead and order two sets...you know me I burn through some rubber so it will be nice to have a spare set laying around), an M4 full system, a set of woodcraft rearsets, a few sets of clip-ons and a new set of sharkskinzs. If you can get them painted at a decent price, go ahead and do so. Oh and in case you forgot...this is all for a 2004 Gixxer 600. Thanks Timmay...you're the best man. I'll see you at the next trackday.
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