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  1. Thanks! I'll definitely miss riding with folks like you! As for the fish, they're quite safe for now! It's a learning curve, and I'm at the beginning of it! )
  2. Thanks for the inspiration. I'll be sure to call my orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and inquire about cutting off my arm, fitting me for an artificial limb, and sending me back in a time machine 30+ years so I can continue to ride!
  3. Stephan: I appreciate the offer but I have already consulted the top guys here. My only option is to have a few bones removed from wrist & then have my wrist fused. That procedure might reduce some of my pain. It would also reduce my range of motion as well as my strength in that wrist by 50%. Suffice to say, I wouldn't be able to do anything with that outcome. So, it's time to give up one passion & move onto another. So, I recently purchased a few boats and have taken up fishing again. It's not the rush that railing down a country road comes with but it's soothing for the soul... Take care. DrJ
  4. JJ: No more bikes for me. Wrist situation has reached critical mass....
  5. 2013 (black) Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC for sale 8300 miles, always garaged, never been in accident or knocked over, & in excellent condition Full Akrapovic Evo II race exhaust system with titanium canister Aprilia race computer/fuel map DNA sport air filter 15 tooth OEM front sprocket (1 smaller) DID ZVM2 O ring gold chain Rizooma front sprocket cover Brembo RCS19 adjustable radial front brake master with longer custom Spiegler stainless brake line Rizoma Next brake fluid rerservoir Pazzo (black) adjustable clutch lever Aprilia Mana handlebar risers plus custom billet spacers (raises bar approx. 3") Aprilia European headlight wiring harness (both lights always on for safety) Rizoma Aero LED signals, front & rear Beltronics radar detector hardwired into Autocom unit Evotech tail tidy R&G Racing radiator & oil cooler guards Crosstrax pegs (lowers pegs by 1") Dark smoke windshield Billet (black) right angle tire valve stems Pro Bolt titanium rear axle nut Motorcycle has been meticulously maintained, & all service is up to date All receipts & sevice records available All OEM removed parts included in sale Domestic USA sales only. Serious inquiries only! Thanks. Tried but was unsuccessful posting pics. PM me with email address, & I will forward pics. Thanks.
  6. Agreed! ) It's a bargain. Buy them today, and I'll sell them both to you for $200!
  7. They do...I know because I'm still using Q2's as well as Q3's on my Tuono...
  8. Is that kind of like I want to buy them for $232??
  9. Free, used, Held Phantom gloves, size 8, to new rider and also in financial need. These gloves are used but probably have another season or two left in them. Conditions: 1) Must be new rider and, 2) Must be strapped for cash to buy all the necessary protective gear to ride safely. So, please don't contact me via PM unless you meet the above conditions. Thanks. Thanks. DrJ
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