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  1. A while back Ty had offered to give me a quick tour of the base auto hobby shop paint booth (I've never used a spray gun to paint and he was going to give me some tips). Unless I'm a nut and misunderstood, Ty is gone now (CO, right?). Does anyone else have experience with the paint booth on base that would be willing to help a fellow rider out? I'm hitting bad financial issues and really need to sell my bike but it needs paint, first.
  2. For Sale: 2002 GSXF 600 Katana Price: $3000 Mileage: < 11,000 List of updates: Installed a 2003 tail and taillight. Needs paint. Illumiglo reverse glow gauges. Clear Front Turn signals. Artfibras undertail in factory Candy Blue. Creese plate bracket. HEL stainless steel front brake lines (back included but not installed). Fumuto oil drain valve. Front Calipers cleaned (no new seals), <200 miles. New Chain and Sprockets, <100 miles. Bike does have some cosmetic damage from a drop by the previous owner (First pic) and a 0 mph drop by myself. http://darkveil.net/Motorcycle/Pictures/100_1625.jpg (big picture, not embedded) http://darkveil.net/Motorcycle/Pictu...ite_gauges.jpg Bike runs well. Most likely needs a carb synch. Serious Offers Only, please. If I have the time, I'm going to repair all the cosmetic damage and get it painted. The damage should be repaired no matter what. Selling to upgrade to a Bandit.
  3. I wonder if this is the "Contains Alcoholic Beverages" package my neighbor had delivered the other day. If I drank enough beer, I'd do this. But I prefer tequilla and it's assorted concoctions.
  4. Well, the safety checks meant nothing on the base. I was coming in today and followed a guy with brown dress shoes, black leather jacket, and no vest on. He got through the gate somehow. I understand that we need to respect the regs and follow them, but when even the folks at the gate don't care, most folks who don't want to wear the gear won't either. It's not like a ticket needs to be written. Even augmentees can say "Sorry. You're not in reg. You can't come on base. Turn left there and leave." Top down or bottom up, until it gets enforced, it's going to continue happening.
  5. I thought I saw you at the Belleville gate this morning. I didn't ride thanks to running so late this morning (still can't find my freaking missing glove...had to be a kid or cat). But I thought it was a good idea. And who in the safety office wanted to ruin things I wonder... :dry: I agree with GSXRGirl that more checks need to be done. Heck, until the class two weeks ago I didn't know the policy had changed to require over the ankle boots. I had been using work duty sneakers right up until that class.
  6. It wasn't for me, but another member. And yes, we all have the same bike (Katanas). Weight, I don't know. I passed on the info and I hope it helps both of them.
  7. I plan to do that this weekend. I got sick after being outside all day Tuesday. I'm not used to the sun anymore. Computer lighting is the strongest I normally get. :biggrin:
  8. Thanks for the info, StickS. I had a guy saying "Use setting 5 and you'll be fine." Odd that he would suggest measuring and setting it properly considering he's out resident bike guru.
  9. I can't remember what the rear sag should be when setting up the suspension (why oh why couldn't we bring the books home). Does anyone know the distance should I can correct some bad advice on another forum?
  10. Now that I've taken the course, I'm really glad I did. Thanks to Ty, Sticks, and Stu (Ty just stood around, though :biggrin: ). I learned a lot. What I learned? 1. Ty thinks he's the shit. 2. Sticks wants to be like Ty (or was that Stu?)... 3. Getting of the seat really changes the feel of the bike in turns/corners. Definitely will keep doing that. 4. I still can't make small, sharp turns. Had problems with them in the MSF as well. 5. The range sucks. It simulates real world conditions, but dang. I thought I was going to lose it a couple of times hitting some gravel, a dip, or a bump. And I'm not sure why there's a pothole there. In seriousness, Ty, Sticks, and Stu are great guys. Glad to finally meet them.
  11. Congratulations. I was wondering what all the bikes were doing at 861 this weekend. I'm assuming that's the course you were teaching. Good luck on Tuesday. I'll try not to be too big of a problem child for you.
  12. I really need to get my carbs synced after taking them off the bike and setting the a/f mixture a couple of weeks ago. The bike runs fine but I know it would run better with a sync. Does anyone have a set of gauges that would be willing to give me a hand getting them sync'd?
  13. Elli Cycles is my new goto for anything that isn't Suzuki specific. Guy there was great and handed me a charged Yuasa. That was nice. Didn't have to take it home, fill it, charge it. That was always annoying. Bike runs great now that there is a decent battery.
  14. For anyone who has access to the base. Looks like I might not be able to take it after all. My bike has a short somewhere that's killing my battery and if I can't get it fixed this weekend (unlikely since I work all weekend), I'm not riding with a chance at a dead battery. And I can't push start my 600lb bike.
  15. I agree. I'm going to find out tomorrow if they'll take the piece of crap back. I doubt it, but it won't hurt to try.
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