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  1. Hey guys, anyone have an update on how Mike's doing? I had him on my mind this morning, but I couldn't find much on the board beyond January of this year. (Finally have STLAR unblocked on my work computer after 2+ years, so I'm playing a lot of catch-up.) Hope everyone's well. Miss riding with yall.
  2. Prayers from Dallas. Meredith and I will help any way we can.
  3. I've used St. Louis Window Tinting for all of our cars without a single complaint. They did all of Pujols' cars, so they're pretty reputable. Never did ceramic though, but they may carry it. www.stlwindowtinting.com
  4. Gixxer6Drake


    Incredibly saddened to hear about this. Praying peace and comfort over the family and all who are affected.
  5. Anybody have a theory on Lorenzo's lackluster start to the season?
  6. That thing is mean looking - very nice.
  7. Glad to hear you're alright, Dave. Gotta be a frightening thing to experience. Hopefully you'll get to trade a little soreness for some shiny new goodies. You and the bike heal up quick.
  8. Or in Lorenzo's case, before you even GET to the startling line. Geez...
  9. Or where they live. Gotta work on delivering my excuse with confidence before my next set of tires - "Don't judge me; I live in Dallas."
  10. Home safe. 14 bikes, 67 degrees, 0 incidents. WIN.
  11. I was curious to see if the new "open class" rules would help Ducati at all... NOPE. Incredible race from beginning to end though. Had to hit the rewind button a few times for my own instant replays. And +1 on the duel over the last few laps. Classic stuff.
  12. Top Gear on BBC was talking about this on this week's episode. The show's hosts estimated the total damage to be just over $37. (They hate the Corvette because they say it's all power and no finesse = AMERICAN.)
  13. http://voyagershift.com/lotus-loses-two-wheels-lotus-motorcycles-c-01/
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