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  1. Do you wear your knox protector under the suit? Someone was telling me that the suit's zipper at the waist can get caught on the back protector and make it move around. Sounds like you got a good deal on SPIDI leathers
  2. I'm not really sure, I think around a 44. I'm 6'2 about 180lbs. I also heard 2 piece suits run taller
  3. Anyone have any recommendations on leather suits? I feel like a 2 piece suit would be more versatile, but also heard that the connecting zipper can get in the way/may be a weak point. I was originally planning on a 2 piece but am not so sure anymore. I like alpinestars suits but theyre pricey, and I've also been considering a teknic suit. Has anyone heard of Hein Gericke suits? Their celtic suit is fairly cheap but comes highly recommended. Any thoughts or advice?
  4. Hey, if you end up going to eminence, could you take some pictures of MotoGP road? I need a quick fix.
  5. I'll be there. Just kidding. Detroit still sucks ass.
  6. just got the internet set up, I had to fill out some new hire paper work today, and officially start Monday. I'm shopping for a TV now, and some other stuff for my apartment. I am so broke.
  7. For those of you who don't know, I have just taken a job and moved to Dearborn, MI (just outside Detroit). I'd like to share a few things I have learned thus far: -Detroit has seagulls -seagulls make funny noises, it reminded me of all the seagulls going "mine?! mine?!" in Finding Nemo -theres a bunch of fast food/restaurant places that are called coney islands for some reason -theres a stretch of road on Michigan Ave. that is the worst/bumpiest road I have ever been on. I'd rather have my bare ass dragged through a gravel road. -fortunately I've picked an apartment that lets me skip that road on the way to work -the Garmin GPS I bought the night before moving has been a life saver, it's been incredibly useful -it also says I can run in circles at 4 miles an hour in a parking lot -the GPS has messed up only once, taking me on a nice "scenic" journey to a non existent wal-mart located in the middle of a ghetto -apartment shopping is a pain in the ass -so is buying new furniture, especially trying to pick out a mattress -they didnt have a race car bed long enough for me to fit in, I imagine it would kinda look like a race car limo, and thats probably stupid. -the weather is surprisingly similar to STL, although I found out it still snows in April. I'm guessing the winter here is just longer and colder. Damn. -doing all this stuff costs a lot of money. So far I've spent more than I did to buy my bike, and I'm not even done moving in yet. -the wal-mart supercenter here is so big I could comfortably ride my motorcycle through the isles, but I can't because they never close. -A lot of roads are in terrible condition, but what I think is strange is that in between the opposite lanes of traffic is a VERY wide grass median/divider, where they could have paved 2-3 more lanes for traffic. Theres also a ton of u-turn spots, so in order to make a left turn on certain streets, you can only do so by passing it, u-turning, coming back and making a right on to it. -some of the highways each have different stretches where the speed limit changes back and forth between 55 and 70 so I get confused -everyone drives like a maniac, although I feel like anyone could move from anywhere to anywhere else and say the same thing -I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY DOMESTIC CARS IN MY LIFE. Although I guess I should have expected that. -German/Japanese cars make up about 2% of what I see on the road, mine is basically a moving target -Despite the ridiculously huge potholes, bumps, and crap they call streets, I've seen a decent amount of bikes out -I miss bixby and motogp road already, and my bike (I had no way of bringing it) -I hate you all for being able to ride -no clue when I'll be able to come back and pick her up, or at least ride around somewhere where the largest elevation change isn't 3 feet. -I'm glad one of the 7 wireless networks this laptop has found is unprotected, so I currently have free internet to report in with...I'll see how long that lasts. (I'll probably have to get comcast, if anyone has any advice) -oh hey theres a drive in theater too, and we have an IKEA, but no lion's choice -Thats about all I can think of for now, hope you were entertained! Enjoy your rides, and take extra pictures so I can hopelessly try to live vicariously, Jason
  8. Welcome buddy, I'm glad you joined up so fast. For a second I was worried that you might have trouble keeping up, but you seemed to have held your own and rode pretty well. I've had the most fun on a bike riding with STLAR, and I'm sure you will too! Hope to see you out at more events.
  9. Awesome bodywork! I couldnt tell what kind of bike it was for the life of me when I saw your signature earlier.
  10. The ride was great, the road to Eminence is now my new favorite road. Nice meeting you all!
  11. I was so tired from the eminence ride that i fell asleep early and slept in till noon today. Then I found out I was supposed to have ALREADY been moved out of my apartment by noon today...so I spent the rest of the afternoon tossin crap in the car. Great weekend for riding, Eric should be pissed he missed both days.
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