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  1. freak

    Tax Refund

    For those that get one :)
  2. freak

    FNG intro

    nice bikes ! aaron and I do a lot of small cc bike rides , I also have a zuma 125 that I will be dual sporting this year, aaron plans to buy a similar scooter. you are welcome to join us .
  3. freak

    Sunday 1/6

    Awesome ride today really enjoing the fz07
  4. freak

    Sunday 1/6

    We will meet u guys at the gas station. We will do our own ride to Herman n meet u for lunch. We will b on slow cruisers 😉
  5. freak

    Christmas Fun

  6. December 29 polar bear ride to bixby???
  7. freak

    Halloween ?

    Think I will get any kids to come to my door on Halloween ? ?
  8. freak

    Stlar Meeting!

    Gotta get to the polls and vote out those damn democrats