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  1. Just watched the weather for the 50th time and still cold n raining Sunday 👎 I’m gonna pass on this trip. Sucks cause I was looking forward to it. Have fun n be safe
  2. Bent rim suggestions

    A big sledge hammer a case of beer and todds garage
  3. Yeah that may suck makes for a long ride home. I will be watching the forecast, hate to be a puss, but cold and raining suckes. might have to bail
  4. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    how were the grom races? wanted to come out and was all loaded up n ready to roll, then my grand daughter called and wanted me to take her to the movies
  5. MCRA - Gateway - 10/14-15

    Thinking about riding over on sunday to watch, what time do things get rolling ? is it still $5 to watch ? calender shows this to be a two day event, is that correct?
  6. Attention Dog Lovers
  7. hey Joe.....(dippnet)

    Yeah cool bike but hard to find and dealing with a carb vs fuel injection
  8. hey Joe.....(dippnet)

    seen that ysr on cl I like it, but damn! $3000
  9. Saturday 10-14

    Once we are done we are planning to ride to mels for food and pie
  10. We are headed here Saturday to test ride everything in the store:)
  11. Ride Sunday 10 8

    Midway bar and grille on hwy 32 cool place and great food Of course desert in bixby was awesome as always
  12. Ride Sunday 10 8

    this HTML class. Value is Circle K 4089 Telegr