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  1. Working with Hayden Gillim on the new 2017 I can tell you the difference between the 2016 and 2017 is MASSIVE! Suzuki did their homework.
  2. Todd why does it always seem like you're replacing fork seals?
  3. Loading on the pallet now!
  4. You brought up suspension, honestly the 250/300 and R3 suspension are about the same. You have damping rod forks in the front and a crappy shock in the rear. You probably notice a difference due to the spring rate difference in the bikes. Most guys are upgrading to either cartridges (there are some really good priced stuff out there) or putting in emulators. Either choice is going to benefit on the street or track. And you can get some pretty good deals on shocks too. Bottom line is people are asking the 250/300 and r3 suspension to do what it's really not designed to do.
  5. Well he's only on a superstock bike.......so probably 20.
  6. I'm gonna be bringing a MotoAmerica rider with me to stir the pot during the races......
  7. Dave is the ONLY guy for glass repair!
  8. Uhhhh first Thursday of every month would be the April 7th, lol they have BOTH dates on the link.... Nevermind, they postponed it.
  9. It certainly is! But with the beginning of the season starting and being hired by K-Tech to work the MotoAmerica events my time is a bit strained to get a class together. I hope to have something together here soon though.
  10. I'll be there tuning.......and hopefully NOT running the heater.
  11. Another vote for Kyle at Country Financial. All my business insurance is through him and his rates are killer!
  12. Maybe that's what it was such a PITA to remove the damper when we measured the bike....
  13. Every time you buy a new bra.
  14. Probably 2 hourish