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    Love to ride, been riding since i was 5 years old..Go Carts..Swimming. Working Out..Staying in shape.

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    2008 ZX-10
  1. Im working till 8 think anybody will still be there around 8.30 or so..
  2. Sorry did not make it tonite i was coming up 270 and it was a little cold for me so i went back home maybe next week
  3. See ya all there, be there around 8 hope im not to l8.
  4. Going to try and make the meeting tomorrow. Paul you still owe me a drink since I bought you 5 jack and cokes .
  5. Like to thank Paul & Kevin for showing me around westport last nite Thanks for the drinks and see ya guys tuesday
  6. In a new city where are all the hot spots? do ya all have a favorite hangout to drink and socialize would like to meet some new friends
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome hope to meet some of you tomorrow at bike night i know how to get there now
  8. You all are crazy sounds like my kind of people :biggrin: :biggrin: Going to try and make the bike nite Thursday hope to meet some of you then
  9. Yes it is I did a little modeling a few years ago have to dig out my old photo's and find a good one
  10. That was horrible :sad: :sad:
  11. Where is the meeting? If I can find my way will make it there Looking to ride this weekend
  12. Hi, my name is Suzanne I ride a 2008 ZX-10 been riding for about 5 years. Just moved to the St. Louis area last week. Lookin for peeps to ride with. Last bike was a 2005 ZX-10 but I totaled it out on a road I did not know that well. Hope to meet you all soon
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