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  1. maverick


    Whole lot of skills in that video. Wow!
  2. Glad I checked the meetup spot one more time, little farther than I was thinking!
  3. I'm sure we can get creative with the routes if we have to dodge the rain clouds.
  4. He's pretty short, so he has to wear lifts to appear taller.
  5. Oh man I saw that on the interwebs the other day. Definitely awesome and while I don't have any practical applications for it, I want it! lol In later models they are hoping to incorporate sensors so it doesn't run into trees and other objects in its way, but they didn't say anything about making it move faster than 25 mph.
  6. BMW's were hurt in the making of this film...
  7. I guess I don't understand why you don't just lace it up normally to the last holes anyways.
  8. Nice job Casey. Think you've earned some bonus points with your dad!
  9. Wouldn't it be nice to have extra cash lying around. What a deal.
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