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    1996 suzuki rf900rr jet kit, rebuilt, ypsh stainless exhaust, 1982 suzuki gs850- peice of crap =)
  1. picked up this bike in a trade, great shape, no plastic damage, only some scratches from previous owner removing the ninja decals, has dual exhaust, new chain and sprockets, clutch, polished frame, newer tires, great bike, just no need for two bikes , asking 2000 obo call for any other questions, tests drives welcome 500 dollar down deposit though 618-806-0212 chris
  2. ive been looking into swapping zx7 wheels onto my zx11 to save weight on the driveline, ive seen it done numerous times, does anyone here know what itl take to get the spacing right? according to one guy it takes 16 lbs off the front and rear wheels just by swapping them
  3. deetz

    Anyone Riding This Weekend?

    aww poor zee... i might make it out for the first time... if the zx11 starts >o
  4. deetz

    February Specials Prices.....

    what if ya dont have rear sets? can we get sumthing else done? like the rear sprocket?
  5. deetz

    6th annual Polar bear ride

    well.. when ya figure it out.. il bring my rf900 out. its naked currently..
  6. deetz

    anyone wanna trail ride?

    well played young man
  7. i thought als shut down till basball season started?
  8. deetz

    anyone wanna trail ride?

    no comment lmao i kid
  9. deetz

    anyone wanna trail ride?

    you're just afraid to get mud on that perty lil face... its k..
  10. deetz

    anyone wanna trail ride?

    im seein if anyone wants to do some trail riding in january, id prefer it to be a saturday but sundays are ok too. i was thinking about goin to coulterville's coyote's trails, or st joes... if anyones interested throw up a date and time i was also thinking about this place up by pleasant hill, il http://www.heartlandlodge.com/resort/atv-riding.html
  11. the roads were still a bit wet for track tires.. but it was nice half meetin ya all, wish i woulda gotten some numbers to call, we woulda waited up, my group left at 1030, we couldnt have missed ya by much
  12. mapquest new baden, il, that should help a bit :biggrin:
  13. im havin fun you redheaded chicks are soo hot headed and rarin to fight, chill out homefry, this is all fun and games, i mean come on... its not like i am making rude texts to ya or something
  14. pffft you act like your times worth gold or somethin? shit please..