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  1. NICE !!! and, your DAMN RIGHT about that !!!
  2. just a few shots from this weekend.... by the way the bike has been sold.... I am engaged now and we also found out that we're (she's) pregnant so now I'm looking for a house instead ;)
  3. kawboy

    neat shot

    Actually, I didn't JUST step outside, but.... I had to drive about 10 miles out of town down a gravel road to get away from all the town lights and "most" of the ambient light. stand in the pouring down rain for 10 minutes setting up my camera/tripod equipment (I have a rain proof jacket for my camera). Then I set my camera at ISO 200, f/stop 18, 16mm lens, shutter speed set to "BULB", attach the remote and sit back in the dry vehicle. Once in the vehicle, (with the camera pointed in the general direction of the storm) I click the remote's shutter button to OPEN the shutter, and since the camera is set in BULB exposure mode, the shutter stays open until I push the button again. (this is why you don't want any city lights around to ruin your shot) Then wait..... close the shutter after a lighting strike, or wait until you see multiple strikes, then close the shutter to get more lightning in 1 shot. The above shot was about a 8 minute shutter speed.... but the strike only took a second or two. I'm sure you can do the same thing with ambient light or city lights around you, but I don't know, this is the only way i know of how to do it, maybe with a smaller f/stop, say like 22 - 32. As far as the moon shot, I'll see what i can do.... But here's a couple moon shots to tide you over till I can go out with my bigger lens. These two were taken around Feb. I think.
  4. kawboy

    neat shot

    Hey, I just might give that a try....
  5. kawboy

    neat shot

    probably not you all's idea of a neat shot, and NOT motorcycle related, but... you know me, and I like photography, and this was my FIRST ever attempt at lightning this morning at around 4am !!! I was up all night, it was an amazing light show last night! It was actually much easier than I ever thought it was, the most difficult part is keeping rain droplets off the front lens, as you can see some appear in this photo if you look closely for them. where I was located taking these images, and the direction my camera was pointed, I would say this strike was probably near Tyrell's house... and it was LOUD !!!!!! actually hurt my ears.
  6. LONG ride for my first time back in 1-1/2 yrs. and Bridgett's FIRST time for more than an hour around town!!!! Great day, good to see old friends again too! Thanks for a fun day everyone.
  7. BLAH BLAH BLAH...... you paying his Sunday premium overtime too ??? Get your ass out here with us, LOL.
  8. so is 79 a better route or something, a couple years ago we used to go the river road in Illinois up and then 79 back down... so what's the route now?
  9. we'll see what the weather brings... we MIGHT show.
  10. Cool, i'll be giving them a call soon! Thanks Dave !
  11. I have already decided what i'm doing with the bike.... setting it up for 2-up riding. I've always enjoyed riding 2-up, and I can tell with her already, that we will be able to get synced enough to be able to ride quite well together. A little bit of a learning curve for her but after only 3 rides, she's ALREADY hanging her knee out and looking "through" the corner's, instead of just into the corner.... Yesterday she was actually sliding her butt off the seat a little like I do, although I asked her NOT to as it was just too much offset and didn't feel right to me. But she's doing GREAT so far!!!! In Cali. I used to drag a knee with my X-wife, I will most likely NOT be doing that with Bridgett, but I can tell with the way were communicating on the rides already, that I "could" if I wanted to. She's going to be a good passenger, so this bike is to be a 2-up bike ONLY. And I'm good with that! When she's ready to start riding her own bike in a couple years, then I'll switch it back to my riding weight, but for the time being, I want it set-up for BOTH of us. OR..... I'm considering buying WHAT-A-RUSH's old shock and getting it RE-sprung, so then I have a stiffer one and a stock one. Then all I would have to do is back off the front pre-load some and ride SOLO. But 92% of the riding on this bike will be 2-up. Also, send me that number if you can find it, THANKS! DAVE - what-a-rush, PM a price on that spare shock you got. As i'm STILL considering that option too.
  12. YEAH, i'm STILL waiting on a reply back from Race-Tech... So i'm thinking soon, I need to talk to somebody, especially since I just got my bike stands in so I can take the forks and shock off to have them worked on. I don't wanna go digging around into them since I don't know what all is to be done... I REALLY need to get a service manual like I had for my old bike.
  13. Your correct about the .9-1.0 for the FRONT, but it was saying 10.25 for the REAR shock spring, which is where the extra weight would be with Bridgett on the back being she would be sitting directly over the rear shock it's gonna go up more.
  14. I emailed sonic springs today and they wrote back that due to the passenger being over the rear axle, I don't need to do any EXTRA to the front other than the standard spring upgrade???? I suppose they would know. I've also emailed Race-Tech (still waiting on a reply) and Traxxion is for some reason blocked at my work ???? I would prefer to have someone do this for me as they know what their doing more so than I. I'm not sure about a full revalve job or not, but deffinately going to re-seal and re-oil while i'm at it.... should I re-valve also? @ Sportbike711 - If the track officials would let me, HELL YES !!!! why not, they do pillion races in Italy I think, and/or sportbike sidecar races too, so why not start that trend in the US, LOL.
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