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  1. I was just thinking about Mike a couple of days ago...and I am sad to hear of his passing. Mike's will to survive surely kept him going, and I can only imagine the many prayers (along with mine) that are being said for Mike's family and friends. Some of the things I remember most about Mike: - You hardly ever saw him without a smile on his face - He made you feel welcomed whether you were a newbie or a long-timer, whether you were on a ride or at a club meeting/event - He was genuinely funny and just plain fun to be around - He never got tired of all the jokes about having to add oil to his bike after every ride - and he got a kick out of "Mike's dedicated quart of oil" sitting on the shelf for him in Bixby - He was one of THE most skilled riders in STLAR - and a blast to watch for the few seconds before he was out of sight (or on video for those of us that don't have front-rider pace). He has a legacy in STLAR...at least for me...that will live on. I hope he is riding like the wind right now!!!
  2. http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/nicky-hayden-a-tribute-from-his-brother-roger/ Tears continue to fall each time I've been reading online about Nicky since the accident...he touched people deeply during his 35 years here.
  3. Regarding the knee pads riding too high when on the bike, I had the same problem in a pair of textile pants. While the knee pad pockets were not adjustable either, the pads were shaped such that I was able to insert them upside down in the mesh pockets to get knee coverage. What is lost is the coverage below the knee...which was exchanged for a bit of above-knee coverage now. Of course this is just a potential interim solution...get the best gear that fits your budget and time frame.
  4. Happy birthday Robbie and hope you are are mending up well!
  5. Dave, hope you have an awesome birthday celebration!
  6. Oh my!!! Thoughts and prayers to Nicky and family.
  7. I know I prefer left handers for better line-of-sight, and there is also one other key reason for me, which wasn't mentioned here (unless it's covered in the big article which I have not yet read). On left handers, my throttle arm is resting nicely on the tank and my wrist and hand have very comfortable range of motion/alignment/angle/access (however you want to characterize it) with the throttle and in covering the brake. In right handers, these 'characteristics' are of course all different and, for me, the angle between my arm/hand and the throttle feels 'cramped'. I know I should probably be holding the throttle differently in right corners - more angular with fingers and using more of the bar to keep a straight line with my arm - but I've not consciously tried to work on that (and keeping the brake covered just the same).
  8. So sorry to hear this! Very bad injuries! The vertebrae and rib fractures will surely make for a very painful and long recovery period.
  9. Shane, hope you have an awesome birthday celebration!
  10. I remembered the Hitler video about dragging knee that was posted on the forum some time ago. I Googled it to watch it again, and then found this new one about Hitler and track days. 3:21 had me in stitches. :-)
  11. When Hitler finds out United breaks guitars:
  12. A bit of live broadcast TV humor - I kept replaying it and was wiping away the tears. https://twitter.com/i/moments/850922657608376323
  13. JJ, hope you have a great birthday celebration!
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